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Savemi Digital Games

Australia's largest authorised digital game and software code retailer.

Over 2000 products available. We sell codes for activation on Steam, Uplay, Rockstar, Glyph, Elder Scrolls and many others. Publishers like: 2K Games, Bethesda, Sega, Warner, AVG, Rockstar, Capcom, Bandai Namco. Instant product delivery, Paypal and Stripe payment options.


Savemi Digital Games

Luminar - Sale

Meet new Luminar Neptune.

Faster, even more powerful and now featuring Accent, the world's first AI-powered photo filter. Make photos beautiful in seconds with 1 slider. Luminar adapts to your photo style to make complex photo editing easy and joyful.

Prepare to be astonished... 


Elegant Regular Wear Mangalgiri Corporate Kurta Yoke

India's first corporate kurtis for women

Exclusively designed Office Kurtis in Solid Colours that underscore the key features of a Woman's Personality.
Cotton Kurtis with Skin-friendly breathable fabric to provide comfort during longer working hours for Corporate Women .
Formal Kurtis with body friendly fits to provide flexibility during working for Indian Corporate Women.
High quality stitching that provides durability and longer life to the Kurtis while retaining its original shape and form.

Elegant Regular Wear Mangalgiri Corporate Kurta Yoke

Indian Concepts - Corporate Kurtas for Women

Scribbler - 3D Pen

Scribbler presents the first in world 3D Pen with double nozzle – Scribbler DUO. The unique design of DUO pen features two nozzles that enable you to truly explore your creativity and come up with designs that are complex and intricate. You can draw with 2 colors at the same time, as you can switch filaments quickly. You can fill up the big parts twice as fast.

 The entire field of 3D Printing is open for you now, so create your own technique! This new model incorporates all the best features of our previous products and carries the trademark Scribbler stamp of quality!

Since our inception in 2014, Scribbler has been working towards designing cutting-edge 3D printing pens, enhancing their user-friendliness and making them easier to use. We pay close attention to aesthetics as well, while the handles of our pens enable people of all ages to use them, including children. Our pens can be used for a variety of applications. The filaments for these pens include ABS plastic, PLA plastic, and other varieties, all of which are available on our website.

Scribbler 3D Pen

BeeWits - Project Management using Web Design Checklists

BeeWits is the new way of organizing web design projects where you spend less time managing and more time creating!

New job. New client. New timeline. New doubts? Not on BeeWits! We’ve created hundreds of task templates, so you can just pick-and-mix the tasks you need for this project!


What if you could manage your web design projects better?

Email YoYo - Email List Cleaning Service

Email YoYo offers a email list cleaning service for both businesses and individuals. The bulk email verification that we offer is a “done for you” service and on a “as needed” basis.

You can select your validation level by matching the tiers with the amount of email addresses that you have on your list. After your order a Email YoYo customer service representative will contact you to arrange secure transfer of your list or lists for cleaning.

The turn-around time for the email list cleaning service depends on the amount of email addresses that you have in bulk. Please refer to the estimated days on your tier before purchase.

SUNJACK Solar Charger

SunJack meets all your active lifestyle needs by providing “rugged outdoor solar power.”

As the most powerful portable solar charger in the world, SunJack products are capable of charging your mobile device as fast as any wall outlet (with plenty of power to spare). SunJack is compatible with ALL Android, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry, GoPro, JawBone devices and more.

Designed to make life easier, SunJack solar chargers and accessories open endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, preppers, survivalists, travelers and more.


Luminar for Windows BETA - Free Download

Here is a treat for all Photography/Photoediting enthusiasts. The popular Luminar has finally released its Beta Version for Windows. Luminar is the first professional photo editor that takes the complexity out of image editing. Simple, fun and accessible for any photographer.

I have used the Mac version earlier and was impressed, but then I prefer working on Windows.

MacPhun is now offering the BETA as a free download. The final version will be released late 2017. By test-driving Luminar for Windows, you can help shape the software and make the final release a perfect fit for everyone. Click the image below to download and install...

Make photos beautiful in seconds with the amazing Accent slider, the world's first AI-powered photo filter, or a convenient 1-click preset. Plus, Luminar adapts to your photo style to save time.

Check this link for helpful videos, frequently asked questions & answers and some photo examples made with Luminar. Click the image below to go to the Download page


Abe Books

Find Weird Books at AbeBooks.com

Kick Fire Classics

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