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Blogged on 11-May-14 04:50:00 pm in Announcements -- Viewed by : Fans

we transferred the usage data to an Excel file, put in some formulae and did some more checking.... throws up many more questions.....

we have uploaded the PDF to http://concept4e.com/transfer/C4E-AIRTEL-BBUsage-Analysis.pdf

we appreciate if you could look at this and if more 'jokes' can be noticed, pls share with us.... Thanks

Queries to Airtel

Line Nos 6, 18, 27, 34 and 42
How is the usage calculated… If the last time entry for the date is on the last line, where is the closing time for the relevant bandwidth usage ? As you can see the formula is returning a not-possible result

Line Nos 22
How is the usage calculated… between what hours did we use up 1.15 GB ? According to us, between 12:02:20 and 12:02:20 is zero secs :-)

Line Nos 23

How is zero usage calculated by you ? We would like to update our mathematical skills too pls :-) :-)

Why is there no standard time-frames for bandwidth calculation ? Like Hourly or every 3 hours or so ?

If its according to our usage, then Line Nos. 1, 2 & 3 (and 20 to 23) gives very fishy timings… it looks very calculated to the secondsAverage speeds are this atrocious ?


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