Guess what this is?

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Can you guess what's that getting offloaded from a plane onto a mini-crane ? Mouse over for a larger image

Its a Hard Disk at 1956.... :D

In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data.

The Volume and Size of 5MB memory storage in 1956 :. ... Now start appreciating your 4 GB pen drive. :>>

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Trivial Pursuit - Part 4

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A great Stress Reliever ? :-)

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There are times when you are so bored, devoid of creativity, coding sucks and you just want to do nothing but relax back in your chair.

It is during such moments that you should access this site, sit back in your chair and do nothing but watch the screen. Quite a stress-reliever, lemme tell you.

Of course, if you are not too lazy to move the mouse, you can get some additional action on screen.

Check it out ...Clicking the image also takes you to the site.


b2evo upgrade to Serenity

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I selected b2evolution as my choice of blogtool, installed it and started blogging on Jan 31st 2005. The version I installed was "Copenhagen" ( I fell in love with the tool, joined the community Forum and started following the growth. b2evo is open-source (GPL), it runs virtually anywhere (PHP/mySQL) and it's available in many languages!

I've been postponing the Upgrades, since I'd done quite a bit of hacks on the core, skins and css files. At some point last night, I decided to get going and installed the latest version 1.8.2 - "Serenity" released on 20th Sept 2006.

What I'd imagined would be tiresome task was completed in a few minutes with the included script (which also upgrades the MySQL database). Of course I'd to compare some important files with the customised earlier version files, but that too was easy with a file compare program. In just 3 hours, this blog is running on the latest version of b2evolution.

I'm amazed at the quality of work that Fran├žois Planque : Project maintainer, architect, main developer and Team have put into this. Kudos folks, you Rock.....

I'll write more as I start exploring the features..


A tale of two sciences - Vasthu and the Web

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I came across this site - WebVastu - through a reference in Desi Pundit.

Brilliant ! What a concept !! Just as I was getting a bit worried about not making any headway with my Parry Hotter - The Sorcerer's Bone (I'd asked Mukesh Sharma of Shakthimaan for some tips, he's yet to respond), here comes Dr. Jain with this amazing stuff designed to extract money from those crazy gullible vaasthu die-hards. And the value-adition is that it can be done virtually.

I've tied-up with a Aanande Visshwanathathean , a Vasthu pal of mine in Chennai and we have pooled in my (scientific) knowledge of internet (science) with his and have authored some great books. (you may ask why not a website, hey, you cant sell a webpage for Rs.250/- , you need to print it). Book in advance, cos we are planning only on limited editions. Special Prices for desi-born-returning-idiots, keen to show their love for Indian traditions.

1. Web Vaasthu for AdSense for Feeds
Place your Ads exactly 22 pixels away from the right edge of your webpage and get guaranteed results. More details inside with specific instructions for Dreamweaver and Frontpage users. Extra section for Chikita and Kontera publishers.

2. Vaasthu for Lesbian Lovers
Earn millions by using our technique which shows you how to place free videos strategically on your pages to ensure maximum hits.
"We are impressed ! we tried webvastu on our site and our Hits have increased from 12 million per day to 28 Million in just 3 days" - Liz Loren, Co-founder -

3. Increase your Blog readership through Vaasthu technique
Tired of trying to get readers to your blog ? Stop worrying. Use Webvasthu to get more than 100 comments on any crap/shitty post in your blog. Includes suggestions for placement of comment input fields and moderation.

4. UTube and UVasthu
A unique concept to ensure that the low-quality, low res video of you feeding the cat (shot through the Rs.2134/- cam you bought on ebay) stays at the top of all Search engines. Includes a quick-read section on how to hold your cam upside down according to Vaasthu science.

5. Getting linked from Desi Pundit thru Vasthu- Secrets Revealed
So what if Vulturo is not referencing your post? Use Vasthu to get it into DP. Tips to get all your posts indexed among the "the best the desi blogsphere has to offer". Best results if read along with Book No 3.

6. Vasthu the Google Earth
Dont like your home appearing to the left of your Google Earth screen. Use our technique to ensure that your Favourite Places appear where YOU want them.
"We have always wanted to live on a condo in Miami. Thanks to Webvasthu, we now have changed the location of our house on GE" - Sridevi Subramania Reddy, Guntur

6. WebVasthu for Dummies
Our bestseller for those with absolutely no knowledge of webdesign or Vasthu. Get ready to recreate your company's, wife's, cook's, paanwallah's website with ease. Step by step instructions will make you an expert in just 15 days.


Need Help in Setting up a WebVasthu site ?

Just send an e-mail to us and our dedicated team of Vasthu trained web designers will tear your site design apart and rebuild it to vasthu standards. For immediate response, pls note that your email should use Monotype Corsiva fonts in Green for the 1st 3 lines and Dark Blue for the next 3 and so on. Include a pic of a black crow drinking water from an earthern pot in hot sun to harness the elements in your mail.

If you find the word Vasthu here with different spelling, its cos Dr. Jain, (Ph.D in Vasthu) has used similar spellings on her website.

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