Expression of ignorance and idiocity

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Damn funny, this ban on Blogs... Dunno what the dudes who thought of this wonderful idea actually have achieved...

There are something like 100 Blog Tools apart from Blogger, TypePad that can be used to create a Free Blog. How the fuck can someone block all URLs?

There is always Open Source... With a basic knowhow, one can download and set up a blog like this on a dedicated server or on a free-server. Whoa! server space is available at a throwaway price today. How then will these good folks impose a ban ? I can have my Blog URL like . Can someone ban it?

Will continue this rave & rant...


Thought for the Day

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MCC - Class of 81 Silver ReUnion

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Madras Christian College, established by John Anderson, a Scottish missionary in 1837, is one of the oldest and finest colleges of the Indian sub-continent. Started as a small school in Georgetown, (then) Madras, it has since grown into an institution par excellence, with sixteen academic departments offering under-graduate, graduate and even research degrees. Affiliated to the University of Madras, it was one of the first colleges in the country to receive autonomy.

Since 1937, the college functions from an amazingly beautiful campus at Tambaram, near Chennai. Its 375 acre campus, famous for its deer and trees, has a lake, which is an angler's paradise. The residential system on campus is that of semi-autonomous halls, where the staff and an international community of students live in close fellowship. The uniqueness of MCC has produced such people of outstanding ability, commitment and integrity that the people of the land even today refer to its students as the Gentlemen and Ladies of MCC!

This year marks the Silver Jubilee of the graduating Class of 81, which incidentally is also the 1st autonomous batch in the country. A ReUnion has been planned on the August 13th and 14th at Chennai and participation has been confirmed from around the globe. The theme would be "Celebrating 25 years of Nostalgia and Fellowship" and the two days would provide an opportunity for 81 Alumni to get reacquainted with former classmates and families to reminisce on old times.

An exclusive website has been created at The success of the ReUnion lies in the Quantity of folks from our batch who will be THERE pulling each other's legs and talking about the good 'ol times. The Class of 81 requests folks reading this post to take a look at the Class List online. If you know the contact details of someone or someone who knows someone who is not yet in the network, pass the word along or send us the details and we will reach across. Thank you.

Trivial Pursuit - Part 3

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Been Coding for a week now continously. Been working on our Class of 81 ReUnion site. The initial features of the site are uploaded and I thought I'd blog about it. Realised that I was too tired to do it.

So, I went ahead and cleaned my SiteRoll. Deleted Blogs that I dont read anymore and added some new ones.

Its 3:26am in Chennai and I'm gonna crash out..


Symbol of Love

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Taj Mahal

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