Google continues to rock

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See my message dates and the deleted dates ! It takes more than 6 months for a Google employee (Debbie Frost is a Sr.Exec at G) to read her mails ? 8|

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Indian States and TN Districts CSV Files

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Realised that I'd to copy / paste everytime from one SQL table to another the same data for these regular drop down form fields.

So I created these CSV files that can be imported into any database and uploaded them to my webspace. The files are downloadable.

Indian States

TamilNadu Districts

Anyone reading this having similar frequently used data files, pls lemme know or mail them to me and I'll upload so that others may work in peace :]

Madras Christian College - Class of 81 - Silver Reunion

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The idea has been rolling around in the heads of some of the '81 folks of MCC. The idea became a buzz after Illyas was invited to be the Chief Guest at the Inter-Hall Commemorative Sports this year. Bhaumik sent a mail across to me, we coordinated and a few of us met at the Woods during the event.

The process soodu pudichufied after we sent a mail to the 81nners connected through DeepWoods 80. Created the much desired buzz and the wires hummed with ideas to and fro through emails. Some of us at Chennai are planning to brainstorm this weekend or early next week to work out some basic modalities and preferred dates that would allow NRI Alumni to make plans to be a part of the bash. Overall preference looks like the Summer vacations in May / June.

The College and the APRO office have been very supportive in collating the complete list of the Class of 81. That is a huge help and a big source of information that could connect us back with the past amid a refreshing sense of nostalgia.

Incidentally, the Class of '81 is the 1st Autonomous Batch in India. Conceptualisers of the popular inter-collegiate DeepWoods festival. It's been 25 years since we passed out of this great institution, but then several of us have remained connected.

My Class, English '81 has been meeting regularly in the past 3 years.

But there are lots we need to locate. So if you know someone or know someone who knows someone from the '81 batch of Madras Christian College, tell them they can contact me (Murali-Don) at 9444388674 or Illyas (Mia) at 9840071689 or Bhaumik at 9841031965.

I have just put up an opening page for an exclusive Reunion site. Planning to put up more pages once more clarity emerges from the brainstorming.

This is going to be one of the most talked about Reunion in recent times. :]


Google Talk - Back office

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My pal, Mukund noticed that embedded images in mails forwarded/sent from his Gmail account were not visible at the recipients end. So he wrote to Google support and this is the reply they sent him. That folks, should win the "Most Original Response Contest" hands down.


Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We have forwarded the information you provided to the appropriate team for further investigation. We appreciate your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


The Google Team

Now my experience with Google lets my imagination run wild and so this is the figment.

We assume that Mukund after several mails to Google calls up the Google Support Team ay HO and starts explaining...

Google Team Member : What is G-mail? I'm sorry this is the AdSense Team. I'll transfer to the board.

After 10 minutes of explaining to the operator M gets tranferred to the G-Team in-charge of G-Mail. The blonde who takes the call is not sure about embedding and insists that he has to call Facilties or Purchase regarding supply of beds and stuff. Now Mukund is a patient guy and politely explains...

Google Team Blonde : Boss, we have a guy on the line stating that he is not able to see images in G Mail.

Google Team Leader : Ha... now I know why there was something different about my Inbox. Okay, ask him where he's from?

GTB: Says India

GTL : tell him to call up the Bangalore or Hyderabad offices

GTB: He's from Hyderabad and he says the Indian offices have expressed inability to help as they are just R&amp&#59;D centres.

GTL : That's a line we should also start using. Anycase tell him to send us a mail with an image of his Inbox.

GTB : I guess he's a bit upset. Wants some positive response .

GTL: Okay, tell him that we are looking into it and will send him a mail on this. Now get off the phone and lets head for lunch.

You want to know the contents of the mail that Mukund recieves the next day ? Just scroll to the top of this post...


Simple and brilliant ad

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A great Ad from Durex :]

Durex Ad :-)

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