Google continues to rock

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See my message dates and the deleted dates ! It takes more than 6 months for a Google employee (Debbie Frost is a Sr.Exec at G) to read her mails ? 8| more »

Indian States and TN Districts CSV Files

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Realised that I'd to copy / paste everytime from one SQL table to another the same data for these regular drop down form fields. So I created these CSV files that can be imported into any database and uploaded them to my webspace. The files are… more »

Madras Christian College - Class of 81 - Silver Reunion

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The idea has been rolling around in the heads of some of the '81 folks of MCC. The idea became a buzz after Illyas was invited to be the Chief Guest at the Inter-Hall Commemorative Sports this year. Bhaumik sent a mail across to me, we coordinated and a… more »

Google Talk - Back office

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My pal, Mukund noticed that embedded images in mails forwarded/sent from his Gmail account were not visible at the recipients end. So he wrote to Google support and this is the reply they sent him. That folks, should win the "Most Original Response… more »

Simple and brilliant ad

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A great Ad from Durex :] more »

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