CCC Initiative Blog Contest Results Announced

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CAN Conquer CANcer initiative

Hearty Congratulations to all the Winners

Yep, folks, I finished collating the ratings from all the Judges, created the pages and uploaded the Final Results to the Connexions portal a couple of hours back. We did have a bit of a delay due to some unavoidable circumstances, but as expressed personally by the Judges it was indeed a unique experience for all of us to be a part of the awareness campaign.

The Results are now accessible from this link :

Its very late and I'm very sleepy and so I'm gonna blog more about all this in the morning, but now for a quick look at the Winners.

1st Place

Uma Mahadevan from Mumbai, India
Post Title : In the hospital lift...
Blog : Indian Writing

There was a tie for the second place and after some deliberation, we decided that both entries would be declared as 2nd place winners and separate sets of prizes awarded to them. :]

2nd Place

David Hahn from Elgin, USA
Post Title : Treatment #11: I'll Tell You What Tough Is
Blog : Chronicles of a Cancer Patient


Aditya Kumar from Bangalore, India
Post Title : Will Power
Blog : The Times of Truman

And for the

3rd place

Harish Sivaramakrishnan from Bangalore, India
Post Title : Hope - In support of CAN Conquer CANcer
Blog : ../harish sivaramakrishnan


Smiley from Chennai, India
Post Title : I have cancer, it doesn't have me - Anika
Blog : Free Smiles

Carmalin Sophia from Chennai, India
Post Title : a pristine beginning
Blog : Che Sara Sara

A Special mention is made of 12 more entries as per the ratings of the Jury Panel.

Hearty Congratulations to all the Winners



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When two people are in love...
They share
Nice moments!

A cold coke with two straws
in a dim lit cafeteria...

Some couples share
a Fixed Deposit
Or a bank account

the net savvy ones an isp account
and the jet-setters a Merc S

But just a few are lucky enough
to share
Their own planet !!!

I'm the Virgo & Rohz is the Gemini and we share Mercury :]

Global Warming - Here's the Proof

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Just about no one takes issues such as Global Warming seriously. Here's an image that will make you realise the seriousness of the situation...

Proof of Global Warming

Free Medical Camp - Cancer Detection

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Rotary Club of Madras Midtown is organising a free medical camp on mass screening programme & early detection of cancer programme

On 15 01 2006
at Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Arts and Science College for Women
Kothawal Bazaar,
Chennai 600 001.

Thanks, Prabakarfor the information..

Another butt in the tray

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CAN Conquer CANcer initiative

This is a non-competitive entry into the CCC Blog Your Thots Contest

Sometime during October end, we started the CCC initiative and there were several events like Painting, Photography and Poetry Contests held in-house Connexions. We had originally planned a Walkathon around the Anna Nagar Park on the 10th Dec, but had to cancel because it rained Lions and Tigers in Chennai.

The Blog Your Thots Contest idea originated sometime November mid and I spoke to Kribs, Aishu, Jo, Naani about it and supported by enthu shown by Kumar of Connexions, hosted it on Nov 26th. At this point of time I was smoking around 3 n 1/2 packs of Charms a day and I never gave a thought about it. Meaning, here I was speaking to people, building a site, spreading awareness - all with a cancer stick in my hand. It was Business-as-usual as far as my smoking was concerned.

The reality hit me on when the contest entries started appearing. I started reading and realised that I was walking in front of a moving train. That is when I started counting the empty packs and was shocked to notice that I was in the 30+ bracket. Not Fair, I told myself ! Not Fair at all Don, to Rohini and Ashwanthe ! Not fair to the Awareness campaign that I had put my heart n soul into !

I started conciously avoiding a smoke inside the house and that reduced it by 8 ciggies. I stopped buying full packs and made an effort to start feeling lazy to walk upto the dhum shop. Avoided 6 or 7 more that way. Now I'm down to 15 or so, but not enjoying the nicotine buzz.

There is something else. I'm proabably just one example of the fact that online awareness campaigns work. We've been tracking the visits to the Contest pages and we're amazed at the support, contribution and links we have been getting. And we are convined that every entry in the Contest is helping to bring a ray of hope to someone reading it, somehere through some site or blog which has linked to the CCC initiative.

I gave up Alko and other mind-altering substances in 1995 and I have planned to adapt the same principles that I apply there to stay sober. I have set my mind to the task and I SHALL stop smoking before the Contest is over. I'm looking forward to it actually. :]

Hopefully, I'd have Conquered CANcer before it gets me..

This is a non-competitive entry into the CCC Blog Your Thots Contest

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