CAN Conquer CANcer - Blog Contest - UPDATE

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CAN Conquer CANcer initiative

Thanks a Mil to everyone who sent in messages, put up banners in their blogs and posted their support to the initiative in their blogspace.

Here are some major updates to the CCC Blog Contest.

After the official announcement last week, we received several emails and feedback that the contest period was too short and that folks needed time to blog their thots on such a solemn topic. So we extended the final date to Dec 28th 2005. The Winners will be announced on Jan 1st 2006. Great way to start a New Year when you know that your two cents helped has helped spread the message that CANcer is Conquerable.

In light of this, the Ticket for the Sonu Nigam concert became ambiguous (the Concert is on the 10th Dec ) and so has been withdrawn.

But in its place comes a great replacement that would be any blogger grin from ear to ear. Yep ! SIFY is happy to award an USB Podcast device with a storage of 128MB to the Best Thot in the Contest.:]

We also went ahead and included Audio and Podcast as permitted entry content. I guess this opens up great avenues as the contest is not any more restricted to writing talent alone. A contestant can now narrate a story, Podcast a motivational message, sing a song….

Here’s the updated list for the 1st Prize

  • USB Podcast device with a storage of 128MB from SIFY.
  • A "Lite" Hosting package from Modhost - one of the best on the www
  • A beach party Shirt from Quicksilver VoHo
  • Karmasutra by SILK - Great Music from Crazy Beat Entertainment
  • 6 months Premium (Silver) Membership to RoyalStar India - Biz portal
  • Passes for Two to Mayajaal
  • A lovely Calendar from Narayanan Venkittu
  • An exclusive Leather Wallet from Walmax / Valentino
  • i-CAN T-shirt from Connexions
  • i-CAN Key Chain from Connexions

Digit, the Technology Magazine is planning to do a story on the entire concept of using Blogs and Online contests to raise awareness for the cause of Cancer or other such initiatives.

Sify will also do front page coverage on their portal.

So ahead and Blog your thots. Like Ramya says “The best prize, however, is the bit we'd all have done towards spreading awareness about cancer”

Btw, if you need Toickets to the Concert, you can order them online from Connexions. Click Here for details.


CAN Conquer CANcer Initiative - Blog Contest

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After a week of sleepless nights , the pages for the CAN Conquer CANcer initiative Blog Post contest are uploaded and running. The Contest is officially ON from this morning. Thanks to Joand Jaykay for helping out with the thankless job of error-checking.

The Contest is a part of the initiative taken by Connexions (a chain of multi-product store in Chennai)to dispel the myths concerning the disease. The events include off-line poetry, photography and painting contestS apart from a posters campaign and schemes in-house.

A thot process which culminated from brainstorming sessions, the Contest for Bloggers, we felt would help in spreading the message that CANcer is conquerable. The power of Blogging became evident post-Tsunami and continued during Katrina, Mumbai rains and IIPM interludes. We were convinced that Bloggers can Make the Difference.

We also felt that a monetary prize for a cause would be inappropriate and so we threw in loads of goodies in the Prize Hampers. The Prizes now include a ticket to the Sonu Nigam Concert, a "Lite" hosting package from ModHost, Dinner from Pizza Corner, CDs, wallets, Tshirts etc . Naani is gifting some great calendars, Viji is giving away 6 months Premium Membership on his trade portal - RoyalStarIndia and some more offers are coming in. :D

There are 15 prizes in toto - one 1st Prize, one 2nd, three 3rd and 10 Spl mentions. The prizes are also transferrable / giftable. :D

I have also made several banners that can be placed in Blogs to show support for the initiative. The html codes are available on the Contest site.

So head over to the check out the CAN Conquer CANcer Blog Post Contest and submit your entry. Wish you the Best of luck.

modhost - a terrific host

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Lots of people ask me where I host my sites and this blog. I guess they are impressed with the page load speeds...

I host them all in a 350 MB space on

About 2 years back when I was creating Ananya Exports website, my client Ramana's son came across this host and took up the webspace for the site. I was quite impressed with the Control Panel and the features and after hosting the site, convinced on the speed.

Last year, when my erstwhile host reminded me to renew, I declined and migrated to modhost. And I've lived virtually happily ever after. :D. Their service is also quite good and without an attitude , unlike my other host (I've already posted about the latter's lack of technical strength).

Defenitely recommended

W. Bengal Minister talks crap

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I watched with utter disbelief on TV just now,as the Minister from W. Bengal, Arjun Bhattacharjee, literally blackmailed the BCCI. He said that he ( and the Govt.) would boycott the SA-India test match in Kolkota if Ganguly was not included in the team. 8|

My blood boiled when I was watched this Hon"ble Minister say that he would return all tickets to the BCCI if Saurav was not a part of the test team. >:(

What exactly is happening? Arm twisting tactics ? Fuck, if this continues, we will have Lallu demanding that the entire team should comprise of only Biharis or trains wont run in other parts of the country. Maybe PMK here in Tamilnadu will hold protests saying that Venkatraghavan or Srikkanth should be a part of the team.

What are we getting to? Regionalistic chauvinism in team selection to satisfy a few individuals?

This is not fair. The current players have shown such form and talent, which once present in Saurav is not showing nowadays. Sadly for all his experience, Ganguly has not shown any maturity during the Chappell-Saurav imbroglio and i guess he never was a team player.Is Saurav Ganguly that indispensable ? At this point, he has no place in the team..

Let the blogworld unite again to express displeasure at this unscruplous blackmail before the virus spreads ...


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The Rotary Club of Madras (Metro) is organizing a Fund Raising Concert featuring singer Sonu Nigam on 10th December 2005 in Chennai. The proceeds of the concert are to be handed over for the welfare of the patients recovering from Cancer at the Cancer Institute, Adayar, Chennai.

In connection with this, Connexions has given its support as one of the main sponsors of the event . Connexions showrooms in Chennai located at Anna Nagar and Saligramam sell Gifts, Music, Stationery, Greeting cards and Toys. I'm currently designing the Connexions website and also act as their event management consultant.

To create the awareness and to raise support for a noble cause, Connexions has planned several in-house events and the initiative has been titled – CAN CONQUER CANCER. The main events include contests in Poetry, Photography and Painting and would include participants from educational institutions and corporate houses apart from the regular visitors and shoppers at the showrooms. The events are being scheduled between Nov 16th and Dec 10th 2005.

We have planned to culminate the events with an Awareness Walk around the Anna Nagar Park on December 4th 2005. The Chairperson of the Adayar Cancer Institute, Dr. Shantha has agreed to grace the occasion by leading the walk with 30 child patients who are currently undergoing treatment at the Institute. Other participants in the Walk would include our management colleagues and staff, customers, friends and general public who would be willing to join the Awareness Walk The contestant winners would also be rewarded on the same day. We expect the strength of participation to be approximately 500 people.

And last, but not the least, we have scheduled a "The Best Blog Post Contest" featuring the CAN CONQUER CANCER Theme between Nov 27th and Dec 2nd. The Best post wins a ticket to the Sonu Nigam Concert. (hey, if you are not livin' in Chennai, no probs, you can still post. If you win, we will hand-deliver the ticket to a person you want to gift it in Chennai)

Once I'm through with putting up some pages by latest 2morrow night, I'll update and announce the contest...Get set folks...

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