Just checking the Windows Live Writer

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Just checking the Windows Live Writer

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another resolution ?

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Thinking of seriously taking up Blogging again this year

Sreesanth and the Right Sport

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So what if Sree is not in the Indian squad... he's just landed himself a job that pays him more for being nasty n badboy...  Sree Hysterio

"Sreesanth is a great find... say, look at that agression, the "I-will-kill-you-with-my-stare" attitude. This lad has a great future. I dunno about his future in cricket, which probably hasn't lasted long b'cos of his temparment, but he's got one helluva chance in World Wrestling Entertainment." says The Rock, a WWE Superstar...

Awrite, the cats anycase outta the bag. I can't vouch for this, but my pal is close with the McMahon family and he called me this morning and gave me some info hapepning behind the scenes. Well, seems Stephanie McMahon got mighty bored watching Kane slug Triple-H. She was idly surfing channels when she landed up on TEN Cricket. It was exactly at this moment that Sreesanth got that wicket of Symonds and did his "I-will-kill-you-with-my-stare" bit, whacked the pitch 20 times and generally looked like Chennai commuter caught at Kathipara junction at 9:00am. The Stare She fell in love that instant...told her guys to speak to Sree.

One thing led to another and from what I hear, Sree is the new WWE Star and he will be promoted either as "Sree Hysterio" or "The Stare" (see pics). WWE feels that Sree would be the ultimate successor to The Undertaker in the Staring and Real-Bad-Guy-Look scenes. It is rumoured that some of the WWE Superstars have already approached T20 criceters, especially Symonds and Hadden to get some 1st-hand feedback on tackling Sree's stares.

The Stare's 1st match scheduled with John Cena had to be called off b'cos of Cena's injury last week. Now he will be facing Stone Cold at the Smack Down. The Media has already started calling it the "Stare Down".

a special match between him and The Great Khali is also being planned. Sree says "Well, always wanted to kick someone from Punjab after Bajji bashed me in the dressing room. Now I get my revenge. Watch Khali cry after the match... "

Way to go, Sree Hysterio, we love you.  Best 'O luck.

eShakti makes distinctive designer clothes for women

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Greig lifts Vishy - Memories of another day

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Tony Greig cradling  G R Viswanath


Some photos remain etched in memory and this is one of them... I was in 7th Std, when this picture appeared in all newspapers, magazines of those days...

Tony Greig cradling G R Viswanath 

it was during the match vs England, 1972-73 Bombay.... Vishy's century came in the first inning itself, against the likes of Geoff Arnold. Chris Old, Derek Underwood, Tony Greig and Pat Pocock. With it, Viswanath became the first Indian to score another hundred after making a century on debut. Tony Greig had become a Viswanath fan through the inning, and when Vishy got to his hundred, he lifted the little man and rocked him like a baby. :D

the non-striker is Abid Ali, another swashbuckler of those days...

When Greieg scored his hundred, Ajit Wadekar and Vishy tried to lift him, but just couldn't  :>>



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