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Katrina, Mumbai and GWB

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I dont know if anyone noticed, but there weren't as many blog posts as during the post-Tsunami period. I'm not talking about just the Indian Blogs, but the Intl. blogging circuit. Is it b'cos folks were repulsed at what they were seeing on TV rather than feeling a sense of sympathy?

I was about to post a comparison between the New Orleans and Mumbai scenario that's been doing the rounds through mail, but noticed that Joslin, my good pal has already posted it in his Blog - Top of the Word. So I left my comments there :)

But lotsa folks are making a comparison between Mumbai rains and Katrina, and saying that the Indian official machinery was much faster in getting to where it mattered. 100% right. Mr. GWB's has fucked up again and there is no way he's this time gonna blame it on some poor sod in another country. I'll bet my ass that the erstwhile Dictator of Iraq, Mr. Hussein would have managed to get relief operations organised on a faster scale.

What people are not talking about is the speed at which our Govt acted immediately after the Tsunami, which covered a larger area and was a bigger disaster. I was in the thick of it working for a New Year rock show on ECR and I know that the cops, ministers and the officials reached the affected coastal areas immediately. The TN Govt did abosultely a wonderful job of controlling the panic, the law & order and the after-effects health issues. Not one house on the ECR, (or for that matter along the coast) was looted, though some of the fishermen living along the coastline are poor and could have used the opportunity. Just one example.

Like I said in Joslin's blog, GWB seems more interested in policing other countries than his own. What a bummer trip for the folks who elected for the second time a guy who takes more vacations than rock stars. May not be an apt thing to say while the innocent folks of New Orleans are still suffering, but it looks like they reaped what they sowed.


Right in the Middle ?

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Exactly, 44 years back, on this very Day, Lighting crackled and a Thunderous Voice boomed from the skies


Lemme look back at some of the gr8 stuff that has happened.

:idea: Good education in premier institutions - Holy Cross, MCC

:!: Great Jobs in good corporate - Enfield, Zodiac, Pantaloon, Trends, PentaMedia, Mayajaal

:p Being my own boss for the past 4 years

:] A terrific wife who loves me so much, but pretends otherwise - Rohini (Hey, tomorrow is our 6th Anniv)

B) An amazing son, Ashwanthe, who thinks I'm DonMan, bigger than Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Shakthimaan and Ultraman put together.

&#59;) 10 years of blemishless sobriety - The great escape from Hardcore and Booze. Thanks to TTK and AA.

:wave: A lovely bunch of Kinfolk who give me all the support when I needed it.

:lalala: A motley crowd of colourful pals without whom all these years would have been drab and dull grey.

:>> Of course, html, php, newmedia and the web....

As I enter into my 45th year today, I wish to take a pledge.

If I can't become decent this year, at least I'll become Rich.

Dress Code in Colleges

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Suddenly, we see the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University playing the Moral Police role. How ridiculous can one get ? Does he think he knows something that the the parents of the students are not aware of ?

I think the parents of today are very much aware of the trend and decency factor and if they feel that their wards are provacatively dressed, should be the ones doing the policing. After all, they are the ones who saw the emergence of acid-rock, jeans and flower-power generation 20-25 years back. Now is the time where a mom would comfortably land up in jeans and T-shirt to meet her daughter in the college campus. Will the VC ban parents from visting their wards b'cos HE feels that they are not properly dressed?

Mobiles, jeans, Tees, whatever are signs of the times and have no moral significance whatsover. Just b'cos the management and a few prudes look at these with a prejudiced eye do not warrant that others have to follow their thot-process. It seems funny that the VC is spending quality time looking at what the students wear and not at their performance in college. Would a change of dress code make AU the No.1 University in India ?

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The Universe Within - Interactive Java Tutorial

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You cant afford to miss this. It's not just mind-boggling, but makes one understand how infinitesimal we are in the scheme of the universe.

View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.

Click Here for the treat.


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