The World's Richest Man

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I have been building this website and I needed to get into some extensive PHP-MySql coding as the databse is huge. Never been the coding type, been on the graphics side always. So everytime, I wrote out the code and it worked, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Which made me think, if only I could create an application that would clearly display the current thought process of one's WIFE (in other words fathom the workings in the depths), I'd be the Richest Guy, what the heck. Just imagine, even the richest folks would require it and I'd be minting money.

So I gave up on site building and experimented with a bit of code and uploaded an application , which can be accessed from Here. I Call it Don's FathomMeter. :]

On second thoughts I don't want to charge for the usage, so it's Open Source in the intrest of MANkind. If you feel its useful, pls donate through PayPal..

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Google gets Googlied

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It is so funny....

Google (International and Indian offices) till now have not bothered to reply to my mail on the attitude and arrogance of their Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.

I'd also Posted my experience with them here sometime back.

Today, Google's own technology is working against them. 70% of search terms related to Google Bangalore or Hyderabad, Ad Sense for feeds return my post among the top 20 Results and in some cases the top Result.

Just a few of the Search Queries I noticed..

google+bangalore, hyderabad google head office address, ad sense for feeds, google hyderabad, google hyd office contact no., contact tel google bangalore, google hyderabad email address, google bangalore address, google office in hyderabad (or Bangalore), google office in India

Google PROs are not bothered about this...But I feel that my Blog will be blacklisted by Google soon. But then again, Yahoo, MSN and some other Search Engines are also returning the same results..

Nunalum than vayaal kedum ?

India - Nea Zealand ODI - Man of the Match

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I somehow feel that the Man of the Match award should have been shared by the Umpires. :]

After all, they who were the busiest and performed most of the actions on the field.

The batsman from both sides kept them on their toes...


Today is Chennai Founders Day

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Chennai History

The region of Chennai was called Tondaimandalam in those days and had its military headquarters at Puzhal, which is now a small and rather insignificant village on the outskirts of the city. Modern Chennai grew out of a small village when in 1639 a fishing hamlet called Madraspatnam was selected by early English merchants of the East India Company as a site for the settlement. Founded in 1639 on land given by the Raja of Chandragiri,the last representative of the Vijayanagar rulers of Hampi.

A small fort was built at a fishing settlement in 1644 and a town, which subsequently became to known as George Town, which grew in the area of fort St. George. The settlement became independent of Banten, Java, in 1683 and was granted its first municipal charter in 1688 by James II. It thus has the oldest municipal corporation in India, a fact which Tamil Nadu state governors are only too keen to point out at every available opportunity.

During the 18th and early 19th centuries, when the British and French
competed for supremacy in India, the city's fortunes waxed and waned. It was briefly occupied by the French on one occasion. It was used by Clive of India as a base for his military expeditions during the Wars of the Carnatic and, during the 19th century, it was the seat of the Chennai Presidency, one of the four divisions of British Imperial India.

After independence the city continued to be known by the name Madras until the government in 1997 officially converted it to Chennai . Compared to other major metros of India, it is far less congested and polluted.

A Brief Calendar of Events...

1639 --Grant given to English Company for the construction of Fort St.George
1716 --The starting of St.Mary's Charity School
1733 --Preparation of map of Madras and its surrounding village
3rd --10th Sep 1746 Bombardment of Madras by De La Bourdonnais
10th Sep. 1746 --The capitulation of Madras to the French
Nov 1746 --The battle of the Adyar River between the Nawab's troops and the

Sep 1746 - Aug 1749 --Madras remains in French occupation
April 1752 --Madras again becomes the seat of the Presidency
1793 --Erection of the Madras Observatory. Building of the Madras Lunatic
1806 --The Mutiny at Vellore
1809 --The threatened White Mutiny
1817 --The starting of the Madras Literary Society
1834 --Started Government Survey School
1835 --Started Madras Medical School

1841 --The opening of the High School (Presidency College)
1855 --Abolition of the titular Nawabship of the Carnatic
1856 --University of Madras was incorporated
1868-1871 --Protected water supply for Madras
1871 --First census of Madras was taken
1876-78 --Great Madras Famine; construction of the Buckingham Canal through
1876 --Construction of the Madras Harbor was started

1895 --The first tramway line of the city opened
1905 --The Madras Port Trust created
1907 --Starting of the Indian Bank
1915 --Leather Trade Institute was opened
1916 --Madras Trade School was opened
1932 --Mayor of Madras was revived
Aug 4th 1939 --Celebration of the Tercentenary of the Foundation of the Madras city

Courtallam, Kumbax and Pondy weekend - Part 1

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Mani had come down to India for a vacation and sometime last Tuesday decided that we needed a break. He had never been to Courtallam Falls, so we decided to take a two day trip.

17 & 18th August - Wednesday night / Thursday

While Mani and I took the Nellai Express to Virudhunagar, Raghu travelled by bus to Sivakasi.

Viji had sent his car to pick us up at the railway station and we stopped over for a shave-shower-breakfast at his place in Sivakasi where we were joined by Raghu. After a typical full-house Viji hospitality, we hired a cab to Courtallam, which is about 105 kms from Sivakasi. It was 10 am and we had planned to get back by mid-night.

The driver, Adhi was a cool guy and we reached C'llam at 2 pm, after several halts along the way for chai, smokes and growing more trees.

We headed to 5 Falls, but we returned not comfortable with the crowd. Folks were desperate trying to get their fingers wet at the least. I had called Paandy at Chhenai on the way and he said that we could shack up at his empty house opposite Esakki Resorts. The care-taker of the house, Narayanan was very happy to see us and advised us to head over to the Old Falls if we wanted a comfortable mega-shower.

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