Cell Phones Hassles - Part 2

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Dont ever let your mobile ring on for ever. The results may be undesirable :-) .....Best with Sound... File Size is 578 kb more »

1/2 Way in Quest to Visit 1,000 Bars

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Dan Freeman from Brooklyn set out Jan. 1 to visit 1,000 bars in a single year, a cocktail lounge quest that began with one scotch and soda in Mike's Pelham Grill. 3 Cheers, Dude Barely five months and 499 bars later, the Don Quixote of drink is… more »

Alonso takes the Chequered Flag

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Alonso Celebrates An amazing end to the European GP saw Fernando Alonso take his fourth victory of the season, however, his was almost over before it had begun thanks to a first corner accident. Coming into the first turn of the race Australian… more »

World's first diamond cricket ball

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Alston Koch, managing director, Fior Drissage, holds a perfect made-to-scale diamond and gold cricket ball, which has been brought to Australia to celebrate the start of the cricket season and the opening of their jewellery store in Melbourne.… more »

Changin Times and Scenarios

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I keep chatting with folks from across the world and just about everyone agrees that the IT Revolution in India is taking our country places. Came across this Cartoon by Carlson which hits the nail on the head.... more »

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