The Car I missed buying ;-)

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Actually, I was planning to have a car like this, but I guess the CEO of Ford beat me to it.

There is always another day .....Mouse over for a closer look


Bob Dylan's 33rd b'day bash at 64

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There is another festival besides Christmas that Shillong celebrates with fervour. This North-East city full of rock musicians and rocky mountains, marks Bob Dylan’s birthday — May 24 — with the deference reserved for Pongal in the south, Diwali in the north and Bijoya Dasami in the east.

The picturesque hill station is once again decked up and ready for the annual ritual — feting Dylan, featuring his songs and fretting about a golden-blues past that has gone with the man who created a global anthem when he wrote Blowin in the Wind . Dylan will be 64 this year and the festival here 33.

One of India’s well-known rockers, Lou Majaw, also a moving force behind the Dylan festival, is already strumming the numbers he’s going to present this time around. "Dylan has given so much to the world through his soul-stirring poetry and music, "Majaw says, looking suitably reverential. "By celebrating his birthday, we pay our humble respect to this great man. We have been celebrating this day since 1972."

Organisers of the festival don’t stop at just that. They say they have a mission: to spread Dylan’s gospel, his art, poetry and philosophy. "More people have to know about Dylan’s worldview, especially in these times of materialistic madness,"says a voice in the crowd busy preparing for the show.

To be organised by popular rock band Great Society at the State Central Library Auditorium here, the Bob Dylan Niteon Tuesday will feature eminent pop singers from Kolkata and other parts of the country. Paying their own little tributes to the 'Tambourine Man' will be singers Lew Hilt, Arjun Sen and Nondon Bagchi among others.

This year, part of the money from the Bob Dylan Nite will go towards setting up of a corpus for the upcoming Shillong Music Association. That, indeed, will be a heady combination — a good deed to go with Dylan’s songs.

News Courtsey : The Times of India

New Technology for Bras

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Dr. Calvin A. Rickson, a scientist at Texas A & M University, has invented a new bra that keeps women's breasts from jiggling and prevents the nipples from pushing through the fabric when cold weather sets in.

At a news conference announcing the invention, a large group of men took Dr. Rickson outside and beat the shit out of him.

Blog Contest

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Kay's bargains is running a Contest for the best female-oriented weblog/website/journal.

The Prize money is $1000 and its open till June 25th.


Cell Phones Hassles - Part 1

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I really laugh aloud whenever I see this. It works great when I need to get out of one of those blues.....Best with Sound...

File Size is 500 kb


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