Quicksilver VoHo new site

Blogged on 21-Feb-05 02:12:40 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Working earnestly on the New Qs site. Planning to integrate several e-com features. Been checking out the open source codes and some of them are amazing. The new site should be up in a couple of days . more »

Time Travel Stuff - Out of Space :-)

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Surfed into this site while checking out a scam . http://www.timetravelfund.com/ makes very interesting reading..Dunno if this could be genuine, but you gotta give them the benefit of doubt. whatever be the motive, it is a great scheme :-) more »

Sridevi and Micheal Jackson

Blogged on 18-Feb-05 11:31:49 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Actually except for today's surgery near my nose, I dont have anything in common with these folks. This cyst has been troubling me for some time now and this time, it assumed tomatoic proportions. Met the Doctor, who suggested that we remove it from… more »

Cricket in MCC

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the traditional Old Boys Cricket Match happened at MCC today. Headed over along with Eddy around 11 pm. Just made it in time for a Lunch of Pulav and Thayir Saadam. Mia Bhai and Chits were already around and we met up with the SUC guys. Also ran… more »

Business NetWork

Blogged on 02/04/05 01:00:23 am in Announcements, Background -- Viewed by : Fans

This is an Interesting Concept Sailesh had introduced me to. Check out the site from here OpenBC Spent some quality time setting up some contacts on the site. more »

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