Eddy's intro to the Blogs

Blogged on 02/04/05 12:56:34 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Headed out to MPTA with Eddy who wanted to case the place for some of his shows. Came back to EmCom and tinkered around on his sys and installed some updates. In the process, showed him Kiruba's Blog and at some point of time, had a Blog installed for… more »

A New Beginning

Blogged on 31-Jan-05 05:33:00 am in Announcements -- Viewed by : Fans

I remember writing a Diary way back in the 70s. At some point, the activities were so notorious that the best bet was to stop inscribing. more »

A Blog for Rohz

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Set up a Blog for Rohz today. Dunno if she'll start doing something with it, but then you never know about these Geminis. Dont feel like doing any Photoshopping today.A heavy sorta feeling in my head. Realised that sleeping in a side berth with a VIP… more »

Checking the Features Out

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Ooh Lalala, There is something like 66 Million features - a Mil more than my Colour Settings. Still trying to figure out a few. Probably need to download the files and check out offline too. more »

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