Stop Raping Mother Earth !!!

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I've started an initiative to get banks like ICICI, CitiBank, Kotak etc to stop wasting paper under the guise of providing "Free" value-adds to their customers.

The nationalised banks charge for Statement of Accounts while these "Corporate" banks dont show any inhibition in cutting down trees to make more paper. And in the process contribute to Global warming and other Ecological/Environmental problems. All just to project a Customer Friendly image.

I call them Murderers and Rapists of Mother Earth...

I've posted my sentiments and more details on the EsynergEE Blog. Pls read and leave a comment. The permalink/URL of the post has been emailed to PROs/CEOs/Greivance Redress officers of the concerned banks.

Some of us MCCians are considering filing a PIL in the Madras High Court to restrain these banks from wasting paper for trivialities... I'll keep you folks updated.

We hope several voices will be heard in our Green Blog.


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The Classic Credit Crunch

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Got this from a pal in the US....

What worries me most about the credit crunch, is that if one of my cheques is returned stamped 'insufficient funds', I won't know whether that refers to mine or the bank's!

What a Song....

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I somehow keep listening to this song again and again...

And of course watching the lovely expressions on Sridevi's face :DD

Trivial Pursuit - Pics from my E50

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Just lazing around at 6pm on my terrace. Took these shots with my E50. Just felt that I havent blogged for a while now. So all this jingax....

of 2nd Std Kids and our Hon'ble MPs

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Yesterday around 10 am I got a call from my son Ashwanthe's school. (He is 7 years old and in 2nd Standard). Seems he left behind at home his part of the class play and so wanted it delivered. So I headed over to his school, met his HM and then proceeded to his classroom.

His class has about 30 odd kids and the teacher was in the midst of a Dictation. When she saw me she stopped and came over to collect the papers. As we small-chatted near the door, I could see the kids starting to move around between desks, someone threw a chalk at someone, a few around my son were waving at me and general disintegration started happening. The teacher heard the mild commotion, turned around and said "Silence students.... Back to your seats everyone". And immediately, the entire class obeyed and decorum was restored. I waved a goodbye to Ashwanthe and the others and headed back home.

Back home, I switched on the TV and all the News Channels were telecasting Live the Trust Vote in the Parliament. Several of out netas were giving fiery and funny speeches But the din and commotion around them was deafening. MPs were shouting at each other, some at no one in particular, some were thumping their desks. Chaos as people were moving around, no sense of decorum whatsoever. And in the midst of it all, the Hon’ble Speaker was ordering, pleading and threatening MPs to remain seated and maintain silence. And no one gave a damn. The action turned quite weird soon and the Spkr had to adjourn and cancel the debate. Fuck the debate, lets check on who’s got the fucking power.... what a bummer...

Cant blame them cos the dudes in the Parliament who were kicking up all that havoc had never been through LKG, UKG, 1st and 2nd standard like Ashoo and his classmates. They never learnt discipline and never had a decent teacher to teach them something worthwhile. They are and will remain – a bunch of assholes....

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