Trivial Pursuit - The Big one

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Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their bum when they ask where the bathroom is?

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A miraculous escape....

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I didn't have time to write before...

Last Tuesday, Bharat and I went to the Airport to pick up a pal who was arriving from Dubai. The flight landed around 2am, we picked up the dude, got back on the road with a plan to have some chai near Kathipara and then head home...

Bharat was driving, I was riding shot-gun, chatting and fooling around with my mobile cam.
We had just crossed Trident when it happened... this damn fool lorry guy was driving on the wrong side of the road and bearing down on us. We didnt have the time or the space to react.

The Lorry was seconds away from ramming us when I shot the clips you see below...

Wonder how we finally managed to make it ? Check the Comments....

Dumb Charades

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LivEnable - Job Fair for the Differently Enabled

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Live Connections is conducting a job fair on the 2nd of February at MCC Higher Secondary School, Chetpet, Chennai. This Unique Event, titled - LivEnable '08 is a non-profit initiative that focuses on identifying resources among the Differently Enabled & Physically Challenged.

This Job Fair is a platform where aspiring differently-abled jobseekers meet, interact and discuss with several top employers under one roof. Participating employers are Corporate & MNCs across industries – IT, ITES, Banking etc.

LivEnable '08, not only provides an opportunity to recruit candidates of employer’s interest, but also highlights the eminence of the company that provides equal opportunities.

If you feel that your organisation would like to be a part of this movement, please contact Raghav at our LiveC Corporate Office at 044 4391 1622 or reply to this mail. Please forward this info to others who you feel would benefit from this event.

More details available at

BlogSwara on a Thesis

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It is a joyous moment for all of us who worked with BlogSwara platform to know that it is getting attention from an opposite corner of the world.

BlogSwara has become the center case study for an MA thesis submission.

Jessica Keyes, a student of Department of Music, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada has chosen the music blogging with a primary focus on BlogSwara for her academic defense. Her paper titled "Blogging Music: Indian Musicians and Online Musical Spaces" presents an ethnography of the Indian music blogging community and a critical analysis of the historical and technological foundation for music blogging.

You can access the paper here

Great Work Jo and gang :wave:

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