MCC portal, blogs and a hectic week

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Things have been quite hectic the whole of last week. I've been building the Madras Christian College web portal for the last two months and things have been happening. The current site has several limitations and a Portal is being constructed to reflect the attitude and information realtd to the 170 year old top-of-the-line institution.

The amount of data that could go into the site is mind-boggling. So a webteam of students was formed to collate data on the Halls, Student and Cultural Activities. Quite a task considering that the data goes back 170 years, but the team is ever enthu and already have amassed some terrific data. Kanaks and I were there last week to shoot some photographs of the campus, which we affectionately call "The Woods". Kanaks is an amazing photographer and some great snaps are with me now which will be put up on the site.

The Alma Mater has planned to make public the new portal next week to co-ordinate with the College Day Celebrations on Feb 23rd. His Excellency Dr.Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble President of India will be the Chief Guest and will deliver the Convocation Address.

I'm leaving to Tambaram tomorrow morning to stay in the Woods this weekend so that the site can be finalised. I guess I'd be able to work faster amid the beatiful trees, the deer and the natural fauna and flora of MCC campus. Of course, the site would be dynamic and so change would be constant. I'll update the website URL after its officially launched.

Also took off some time to build a couple of blogs for some friends. Nandini has already started blogging in spite of her recent job shift and the resultant "runnin around" situation. I met Nandy through Nagi and find her to be one of the coolest I've met in recent times. She is also a very warm and friendly person and I dig her friendship. Keep the Party Alive, Nandy. :wave:

Of the others, Deeps who is a final PG student at MCC is yet to start bloggin cos her CA exams are going on. Deeps, get crackin soon &#59;D . Mukund seems to have booked his URL and webspace, but is yet to forward me the details. :roll:

I was also the Chief Guest and Speaker at the Rotary Metro Weekly meeting last Saturday at The Park. The topic : Blogging - the Mysteries Unravelled &#59;). Quite an enthu bunch of very inquisitive company heads and businessmen were around and I guess I got carried away a bit :>> . At the end of my presentation, there were hordes of questions and now a spirited bunch of new bloggers are waiting to hit the desi blogsphere. I've assured them of all help after Feb 23rd. (Thanks Kribs and Jo for the inputs and data :wave: )


Saket and Fair Pussies

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Most of you probably know that one of Desi Pundit contributors, Saket aka Vulturo fucked himself up by posting an idiotic piece in his Blog after getting carried away by some stupid contest on Now I would n't call the content racist, but sure it stinks of a "hepper-than-thou" attitude and reeks of immaturity and insensitivity.

And as expected, the blogsphere was not happy and apart from his few bum-pals, there was some bitter reaction. The guy thought it was cool to come out in defence of his crap by posting another one that was equally trash. And he continued to get fucked.

I'm a serious supporter of Freedom of Expression, but then... This is the same bunch that objected when Shivamji postd the pics of the K massacre in his blog and claimed taht he was hurting sentiments. That was no direct take-off on a set of people, just pics that were gruesome. But Vulturo's post had all the ingredients to rub lotsa ppl on the wrong side. And Shivamji had the decency to remove the pics when there were objections, but Saket just comes out with a justification that showed the world what a bum he is.

Just to give you an idea how low a life form he is, I reproduce below his reaction to a comment from Lakshmi (who probably was one of those few who left a comment without abuse).

[quote comment="11878"]I trust this makes it a century! Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

And by the way, the best commentator award goes to Lakshmi Anantraman. And she wins a hamper of used Vulturo underwear (semen stained) in addition to a La Opala Dinnerware Set and a Toaster!

Excuse me, I'm drunk.[/quote]

Saket has since removed most of the comments that called him a cocksucker, motherfucker, racist and contained such choice terms of endearment. But he forgets that those who subscribed for a notification would have recd the comments in their emails.

When Vulturo decided to delete my reaction to his arrogance, I was naturally a bit upset and thought of reproducing all the comments in his blog here for perpetuity. But what the heck, he's a spoilt brat and I hope that he has learnt his lesson. His deletion of undesirable (according to him) comments just confirms his immaturity. He's just a confused kiddo.

Saket, grow up, there is a world out there where normal people live. Take a Break. You are Blog Burnt :crazy:

My Best Friend

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Just a small post on Vals day

to say


I'll Love you always

Teachin again

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Just a post cos I'm teachin Nandhini how to Blog :DD

Password Please

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Thru Mukund

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