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A .in email ID, actually another.in ID

Blogged on 20-Feb-06 02:06:25 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

One more email ID? I also said Forget it till I saw the site and the great aliases they had to offer . I got a mail from my niece and she insisted that I take a look at the site and let her know if it was genuine. So this afternoon, just before India came out to play their innings, I checked out another.in and ended up setting up an account for myself.

For those who desire to have a unique ID with a .in extension, you can find 1000s here. And you can create upto 10 separate email aliases for your account.It features multi-account retrival, POP, IMAP and webmail access and a 250mb mail box.

I created mine with a internationalmanofmystery.in alias :].

There are some terrific aliases to suit everyone's theme and attitude.You can visit the website and create a free email account at any of their .in domain names that take your desire. The Banner below also takes you to the Home page.

Why not give it a go? See how it works, I think you will like it.


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