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b2evo upgrade to Serenity

Blogged on 05-Nov-06 05:43:50 pm in Announcements, Background -- Viewed by : Fans

I selected b2evolution as my choice of blogtool, installed it and started blogging on Jan 31st 2005. The version I installed was "Copenhagen" ( I fell in love with the tool, joined the community Forum and started following the growth. b2evo is open-source (GPL), it runs virtually anywhere (PHP/mySQL) and it's available in many languages!

I've been postponing the Upgrades, since I'd done quite a bit of hacks on the core, skins and css files. At some point last night, I decided to get going and installed the latest version 1.8.2 - "Serenity" released on 20th Sept 2006.

What I'd imagined would be tiresome task was completed in a few minutes with the included script (which also upgrades the MySQL database). Of course I'd to compare some important files with the customised earlier version files, but that too was easy with a file compare program. In just 3 hours, this blog is running on the latest version of b2evolution.

I'm amazed at the quality of work that Fran├žois Planque : Project maintainer, architect, main developer and Team have put into this. Kudos folks, you Rock.....

I'll write more as I start exploring the features..


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