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CAN Conquer CANcer Initiative - Blog Contest

Blogged on 28-Nov-05 11:47:37 pm in Announcements, CAN Conquer CANcer -- Viewed by : Fans

After a week of sleepless nights , the pages for the CAN Conquer CANcer initiative Blog Post contest are uploaded and running. The Contest is officially ON from this morning. Thanks to Joand Jaykay for helping out with the thankless job of error-checking.

The Contest is a part of the initiative taken by Connexions (a chain of multi-product store in Chennai)to dispel the myths concerning the disease. The events include off-line poetry, photography and painting contestS apart from a posters campaign and schemes in-house.

A thot process which culminated from brainstorming sessions, the Contest for Bloggers, we felt would help in spreading the message that CANcer is conquerable. The power of Blogging became evident post-Tsunami and continued during Katrina, Mumbai rains and IIPM interludes. We were convinced that Bloggers can Make the Difference.

We also felt that a monetary prize for a cause would be inappropriate and so we threw in loads of goodies in the Prize Hampers. The Prizes now include a ticket to the Sonu Nigam Concert, a "Lite" hosting package from ModHost, Dinner from Pizza Corner, CDs, wallets, Tshirts etc . Naani is gifting some great calendars, Viji is giving away 6 months Premium Membership on his trade portal - RoyalStarIndia and some more offers are coming in. :D

There are 15 prizes in toto - one 1st Prize, one 2nd, three 3rd and 10 Spl mentions. The prizes are also transferrable / giftable. :D

I have also made several banners that can be placed in Blogs to show support for the initiative. The html codes are available on the Contest site.

So head over to the check out the CAN Conquer CANcer Blog Post Contest and submit your entry. Wish you the Best of luck.



Comment from: Deepa [Visitor]

Added the code, but banner is not displayed. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

29-Nov-05 @ 22:58
Comment from: Joslin [Visitor]

Great initiative, Don. You will see a brief note about it in my blog.

01-Dec-05 @ 06:28

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