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BroadBand Everybody and In Every Room

Blogged on 04-Oct-05 01:14:46 am in News, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Sounds interesting, eh? It is happening...

Just read about it on Scott's Blog.. From his post, I gather that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.has a new Chip that allows regular electric sockets to serve as a home's connection to Broadband Networks. At Speeds equallng 170 Mbps. :]

The Osaka-based company has come up with technology to use electric wiring in the home to relay not just electricity but also data.

Here's the report on ABC News site.

Amazing, yeah the way technology is growing...

PS: The desirable commode in the pic is not mine, thooked it from the web. Though, I wud loive to have one like that...


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Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Very interesting post Don. I hope it picks up speed.!
I am imagining the opportunities in India.!!!

What happens during Voltage spikes? Would the download times / Upload times increase.>!! LOL :)

06-Oct-05 @ 02:27

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