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CAN Conquer CANcer - Blog Contest - Extended

Blogged on 23-Dec-05 12:04:31 am in Announcements, CAN Conquer CANcer -- Viewed by : Fans

On behalf of Connexions, I’d like to inform everyone that the CAN Conquer CANcer Blog Your Thots Contest has been extended till 10th Jan 2006. At the 1st instance, we hesitated since this is the 2nd extension. The factors mentioned below removed any… more »

CAN Conquer CANcer - Blog Contest - UPDATE

Blogged on 06-Dec-05 08:37:25 pm in Announcements, CAN Conquer CANcer -- Viewed by : Fans

Thanks a Mil to everyone who sent in messages, put up banners in their blogs and posted their support to the initiative in their blogspace. Here are some major updates to the CCC Blog Contest. After the official announcement last week, we received… more »

CAN Conquer CANcer Initiative - Blog Contest

Blogged on 28-Nov-05 11:47:37 pm in Announcements, CAN Conquer CANcer -- Viewed by : Fans

: After a week of sleepless nights , the pages for the CAN Conquer CANcer initiative Blog Post contest are uploaded and running. The Contest is officially ON from this morning. Thanks to Joand Jaykay for helping out with the thankless job of… more »


Blogged on 16-Nov-05 12:26:02 am in Announcements, News -- Viewed by : Fans

CAN CONQUER CANCER The Rotary Club of Madras (Metro) is organizing a Fund Raising Concert featuring singer Sonu Nigam on 10th December 2005 in Chennai. The proceeds of the concert are to be handed over for the welfare of the patients recovering from… more »

Customised, Corporate and Themed T Shirts

Blogged on 31-Jul-05 04:11:36 am in Announcements, News, Background, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I suddenly realised how useful a Blog template can be, while working on my new project - building the TNPDA portal. With a bit of CSS tweaking and changes to the main template, I have a NewsRoom and Events Calendar running on the TNPDA portal that can… more »

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