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Thought for the Day

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MCC - Class of 81 Silver ReUnion

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Madras Christian College, established by John Anderson, a Scottish missionary in 1837, is one of the oldest and finest colleges of the Indian sub-continent. Started as a small school in Georgetown, (then) Madras, it has since grown into an institution… more »

Trivial Pursuit - Part 3

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Been Coding for a week now continously. Been working on our Class of 81 ReUnion site. The initial features of the site are uploaded and I thought I'd blog about it. Realised that I was too tired to do it. So, I went ahead and cleaned my SiteRoll.… more »

Symbol of Love

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Another Bash Your Boss Game

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I was surfing thru Samantha's Blog and got the link to another Stress Relief Game. This one is called Beat Your Boss and promises to "Improve your Attitude Towards Your Employer" :] The one I found earlier is called Bash the Boss . Both are fun and… more »

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