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Driving Test Question

Blogged on 08-Aug-05 11:41:40 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

You are driving along a two-lane road with a NO OVERTAKING signpost, and come upon a bicycle rider. Do you follow this slow-moving bicycle rider for the next two miles, or do you break the law and pass? Which is the correct choice? Answer first and… more »

Google India - a Direct approach

Blogged on 03-Aug-05 02:11:37 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I sent the entire content of my previous post to Google HO adressing it to their PR heads. I raised a few queries too So what I’d asked is Your feedback form on the site is categorized and so the feedback/ complaints are also being recd… more »

Google India - Attitude Problems or Wot ?

Blogged on 03-Aug-05 01:53:01 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

It is with a sense of disbelief that I’m write about a very incredulous interaction with Google's Bangalore and Hyderabad offices. I’ve been trying to reach across to Google to find out about the status of application for Ad-Sense for Feeds. For some… more »

Customised, Corporate and Themed T Shirts

Blogged on 31-Jul-05 04:11:36 am in Announcements, News, Background, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I suddenly realised how useful a Blog template can be, while working on my new project - building the TNPDA portal. With a bit of CSS tweaking and changes to the main template, I have a NewsRoom and Events Calendar running on the TNPDA portal that can… more »

Words of Wisdom

Blogged on 29-Jul-05 12:02:37 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I liked these lines from George Constanza. The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time.What do you get at the end of it? A death. What's that? A bonus? I think the life cycle is all… more »

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