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CAN Conquer CANcer - Blog Contest - Extended

Blogged on 23-Dec-05 12:04:31 am in Announcements, CAN Conquer CANcer -- Viewed by : Fans

On behalf of Connexions, I’d like to inform everyone that the CAN Conquer CANcer Blog Your Thots Contest has been extended till 10th Jan 2006. At the 1st instance, we hesitated since this is the 2nd extension. The factors mentioned below removed any blocks we had and we decided that the Contest would be extended since it would mean spreading the awareness to a larger audience.

DIGIT magazine is doing a feature on the entire concept of using Blogs and Online contests to raise awareness for the cause of Cancer or other such initiatives, in Jan issue and will be referring to the CCC initiative. With a readership base of 6 Lakhs among the Tech/IT circles, we realized that several readers would be visiting the Contest pages in the 1st week of Jan, only to find that the contest is over. The Contest details just becomes a routine read and probably no further action may be initiated in spreading the awareness.

Some of my MCC Alumni friends in the UK and the US have decided to spread the word about the awareness campaign during the Christmas week in the local publications and community forums.

As part of the awareness campaign, we had sent an email to the Principals / Students Unions of the top 30 educational institutions across the Country. IIM Ahmedabad and MCC, Chennai have already circulated the information in their intranet, Alumni and Students circles. Most of the colleges reopen after X'mas vacations on 2nd Jan and we felt that student community would positively like to get involved in the initiative.

I got a call from Amrut, the owner of the Saarang Blog and the Cultural Sec, Hemant offering to post the information on both the Blog and the Saarang 2006 site. They will also continue to promote the Awareness campaign through till the close of Sarang 2006 (end Jan). Great support from IITM, Chennai, thank you folks..

Sometimes, a few Good Things need not come to an end… :D

I'm also updating the Related Links pages max by tomorrow on the Connexions site and will feature sites related to Cancer, Blogging etc..

As this post gets published, we have 18 Contestant Entries and about 300+ blogs / sites supporting the awareness initiative through banners/buttons and specific mention.

Do update the Contest date extension info in your Blogs, sites and contacts. Thanks once again for the continued support that you have been extending to spread the message that CANcer CAN be Conquered…


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