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CAN Conquer CANcer - Blog Contest - UPDATE

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CAN Conquer CANcer initiative

Thanks a Mil to everyone who sent in messages, put up banners in their blogs and posted their support to the initiative in their blogspace.

Here are some major updates to the CCC Blog Contest.

After the official announcement last week, we received several emails and feedback that the contest period was too short and that folks needed time to blog their thots on such a solemn topic. So we extended the final date to Dec 28th 2005. The Winners will be announced on Jan 1st 2006. Great way to start a New Year when you know that your two cents helped has helped spread the message that CANcer is Conquerable.

In light of this, the Ticket for the Sonu Nigam concert became ambiguous (the Concert is on the 10th Dec ) and so has been withdrawn.

But in its place comes a great replacement that would be any blogger grin from ear to ear. Yep ! SIFY is happy to award an USB Podcast device with a storage of 128MB to the Best Thot in the Contest.:]

We also went ahead and included Audio and Podcast as permitted entry content. I guess this opens up great avenues as the contest is not any more restricted to writing talent alone. A contestant can now narrate a story, Podcast a motivational message, sing a song….

Here’s the updated list for the 1st Prize

  • USB Podcast device with a storage of 128MB from SIFY.
  • A "Lite" Hosting package from Modhost - one of the best on the www
  • A beach party Shirt from Quicksilver VoHo
  • Karmasutra by SILK - Great Music from Crazy Beat Entertainment
  • 6 months Premium (Silver) Membership to RoyalStar India - Biz portal
  • Passes for Two to Mayajaal
  • A lovely Calendar from Narayanan Venkittu
  • An exclusive Leather Wallet from Walmax / Valentino
  • i-CAN T-shirt from Connexions
  • i-CAN Key Chain from Connexions

Digit, the Technology Magazine is planning to do a story on the entire concept of using Blogs and Online contests to raise awareness for the cause of Cancer or other such initiatives.

Sify will also do front page coverage on their portal.

So ahead and Blog your thots. Like Ramya says “The best prize, however, is the bit we'd all have done towards spreading awareness about cancer”

Btw, if you need Toickets to the Concert, you can order them online from Connexions. Click Here for details.



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david appasamy

hey don!saw your comment on my blog.no i’m not the david you’re referring to, but he’s a friend of mine-david santwan with who i’m in touch.so shall point him to deepwoods80!i’m an mcc fan having lived at professor’s colony outside heber gate and grown up on campus.my uncle chandran devenesan was then the principal. my dad and briother studied there, as did all my friends. keep up the goodwork. and do keep visiting my blog!

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got my mail ID?

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