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Courtallam, Kumbax and Pondy weekend - Part 1

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Mani had come down to India for a vacation and sometime last Tuesday decided that we needed a break. He had never been to Courtallam Falls, so we decided to take a two day trip.

17 & 18th August - Wednesday night / Thursday

While Mani and I took the Nellai Express to Virudhunagar, Raghu travelled by bus to Sivakasi.

Viji had sent his car to pick us up at the railway station and we stopped over for a shave-shower-breakfast at his place in Sivakasi where we were joined by Raghu. After a typical full-house Viji hospitality, we hired a cab to Courtallam, which is about 105 kms from Sivakasi. It was 10 am and we had planned to get back by mid-night.

The driver, Adhi was a cool guy and we reached C'llam at 2 pm, after several halts along the way for chai, smokes and growing more trees.

We headed to 5 Falls, but we returned not comfortable with the crowd. Folks were desperate trying to get their fingers wet at the least. I had called Paandy at Chhenai on the way and he said that we could shack up at his empty house opposite Esakki Resorts. The care-taker of the house, Narayanan was very happy to see us and advised us to head over to the Old Falls if we wanted a comfortable mega-shower.

So a quickie lunch later, we headed to Old Falls, which is about 10 kms from C's town center.

The crowd was milling, but not as jam-packed as the 5 falls. We bought some outrageously designed bermudas from the local store and got into the act.

The maalish looked inviting and we were enquiring about the charges, when the duty cop around told us that around mid-night the place was almost deserted and that we could have a great time.

So, we postponed the massage and went under the falls. What a feeling to have water hitting your head and shoulders at that force. We spent about half-hour in the water and then just lazed around for a while.

Adhi was requested to do the honours to ensure that our coloured bermudas get the right place on the www.

We headed back to the falls and did another 1/2 hour bit. Very refreshing, I tell ya..

Back at the carpark,this time it was Raghu with the cam busy shooting us as Mani and I had a couple of smokes and took in the sceinic beauty of the place.

We headed back to Paandy's. An ex-colleague of Mani who lived locally was waiting with some good Biriyani and we attacked the food with mucho gusto. I slept till 9. I guess by this time we had decided to crash out the night in Courtallam.

We left for Old falls around 10pm and there was hardly a crowd there. We decided to get a maalish done and there was lotsa fun around when ppl coming for a bath watched Raghu's 'gym-body' getting massaged.

The water flow was not as heavy as in the afternoon, but compensated by the absence of a crowd, felt like heaven. We had a hearty bath, though it was pretty cold under the falls.

Came back to Courtallam and chatted late into the night, while Raghu and Mani killed a bottle of brandy. Some muttai-dosai and oothappam made a great dinner.

19th August - Friday

Woke up the next morning and headed to Tenkasi to see if we could get a train back to Chennai. Nopes, not a chance said the clerk and we decided to drive down to Madurai and take a call there.

We hit the road again and Adhi dropped us off at Srivilliputhur busstand from where we hopped into a Madurai bound bus. My troubles started after I ate some cucumber en-route. Dunno if it was some chemical, but my stomach started doing the rumba by the time we reached Madurai at 2 pm.

We checked out for Chennai bound trains, but not one shuttle was avaialble for afternoon travel. Very surprsing considering the weekend crowd and the fully-loaded buses. We wondered why the Railways was not looking at options.

We decided to head over to Kumbax and stay the night at Ashok's farm. We had a great lunch at Mahal and then tooka bus to Tanjore. By this time, my stomach was doing the Moonwalk, BusStop and the Twist. At Tanjore bustand, I searched for a pharmacy in vain and had to walk out to the Highway and pick up some Gelusils. I figured a trip to the loo would do me good, but found that only 4 commodes were avaiable for a busstand of that size. No wonder, the perimeter is used as an open-air toilet.

We reached Kumbax at 9 pm and Ashok was at the busstand to pick us up. At his farm house, Viji his wife (and Raghu's sis) had cooked some gr8 rasam and vendakkai kari and after stuffing ourslves, headed to the centre of the thoppu and chatted and relaxed till 3 am. Raghu left for Chennai around 2am and at that point of time, Mani and I had planned to leave around 11 am. :]

to be continued ...


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