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Customised, Corporate and Themed T Shirts

Blogged on 31-Jul-05 04:11:36 am in Announcements, News, Background, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I suddenly realised how useful a Blog template can be, while working on my new project - building the TNPDA portal. With a bit of CSS tweaking and changes to the main template, I have a NewsRoom and Events Calendar running on the TNPDA portal that can be easily updated by authorised members.

Which meant that I could actually feature my gallery of T-shirt designs online by just "post"ing them as individual entries. :]

I create Themed and customised Tees for various corporate and institutional clients. I constantly get enquiries from places other than Chennai and so had a temporary gallery on Quicksilver VoHo site. Nothing professional, just a half-baked attempt. (Why is that we always have time for enhancing others' sites and not ours? :roll: ).

But now, I have built these full fledged galleries of both my customised (we call them Themed Tees) and regular designer T Shirts using the b2evolution custom skin. Of course, I used Scott's PZ on the images to enhance site realty, lots of modifications and re-writes of the code, but the end result is cool.

My Themed Tees Gallery

My Designer Tees Gallery


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Comment from: Sudeep [Visitor]

The tee designs r awesome.. I liked esp the Chakravyuh n Attitude ones.

01-Aug-05 @ 16:28

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