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Delhi blast hero saved dozens, battles for life

Blogged on 02-Nov-05 01:31:56 pm in News -- Viewed by : Fans

Reproducing here a news article from Kerala.com. The article has been written by Palash Kumar through Reuters.

I request bloggers to publish a link in their spaces. Kuldip Singh's bravery should be made known around the world. A fitting expression to mark our disgust at the cowards who go under the guise of terrorists and kill innoicent people.

Let the blogsphere as a community pray for the speedy recovery of Kuldip.

Her husband, now fighting for his life, is one of the heroes of Delhi's horrific bomb attacks which struck at the heart of the nation on the eve a week of religious festivals. But 24-year-old Nigam, swollen and ready to give birth to their first child in weeks, wants only one thing.

"I don't have the strength to see him," she said, waiting outside the hospital room where her husband, Kuldip Singh, lies critically wounded after helping save dozens of passengers travelling in his bus on Saturday. If he lives at all, Singh, a 28-year-old low-paid driver, may never see or hear his child. Doctors are fighting to save his sight and his hearings. His right arm does not move. Singh's face took the full force of a bomb planted on his overcrowded bus, packed with almost 100 people, as he hurled it away after evacuating his passengers.

"I don't want any rewards ... I hope they give him back his eyesight," Nigam said. A. Majumdar, chairman of the Delhi Transport Commission which employed Singh, told Reuters there were 80 to 90 people in the bus. "Dozens would have died if he and the conductor had not acted in time." On Saturday, the last big shopping day before Diwali and Eid al-Fitr, a passenger spotted an abandoned leather bag as the bus pulled out of a stop.

"The conductor of the bus immediately ordered the driver to pull over and both of them asked the passengers to leave," said Majumdar. "After the vehicle was emptied, the driver picked up the bag. But as soon as he noticed some wires, he threw it and the bag exploded in his face. He bore the full impact." NATIONAL HEROES

The conductor and six passengers received minor injuries, but no one was killed. About the same time, two other bombs ripped through busy Delhi markets packed with shoppers and holidaymakers, killed 59 and horribly injuring many more. Had the bomb exploded on the gas-powered bus, the toll could have been horrific, said an corporation worker. "Our buses have about half a dozen cylinders of compressed natural gas. It would have blown up like a huge bomb. Apart from the passengers, many people would have died on the road.

"Both men are national heroes." The Delhi government on Monday announced a reward of 200,000 rupees for each of the men, who may also win a bravery award. But for Nigam, who has only seen the bandaged, burnt face of Kuldip through the small glass window on his door, the money means nothing. "It will never be the same again," she says. "I hope he can see and hear again.



Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Thanks DON for covering this. Shame that Mainstream media didn’t cover it ( Or did I miss it). They are more interested in navels!

I pray for the speedy recovery of Kuldip singh. Very nice act.!! God Bless such people.!

05-Nov-05 @ 04:33
Comment from: Ganesh [Visitor]

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12-Nov-05 @ 18:19
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12-Nov-05 @ 23:33
Comment from: Virdi [Visitor]

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