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Dress Code in Colleges

Blogged on 02-Sep-05 04:39:29 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Suddenly, we see the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University playing the Moral Police role. How ridiculous can one get ? Does he think he knows something that the the parents of the students are not aware of ?

I think the parents of today are very much aware of the trend and decency factor and if they feel that their wards are provacatively dressed, should be the ones doing the policing. After all, they are the ones who saw the emergence of acid-rock, jeans and flower-power generation 20-25 years back. Now is the time where a mom would comfortably land up in jeans and T-shirt to meet her daughter in the college campus. Will the VC ban parents from visting their wards b'cos HE feels that they are not properly dressed?

Mobiles, jeans, Tees, whatever are signs of the times and have no moral significance whatsover. Just b'cos the management and a few prudes look at these with a prejudiced eye do not warrant that others have to follow their thot-process. It seems funny that the VC is spending quality time looking at what the students wear and not at their performance in college. Would a change of dress code make AU the No.1 University in India ?

The VC may probably decide to set up a tailoring unit inside the campus like how they do in primary schools to stitch uniforms for the students.

Folks who were in college during the 79-80 will remember the SIET strike. The girls went on a hunger strike protesting against the college's strict dress code. All the Chennai colleges joined the strike and colleges were closed for 3 days . I was a student of MCC at that time, and we mooted the idea for a combined college association; the Inter-Collegiate Union was formed, the 1st meeting was held in MCC campus and attended by almost all Madras colleges. The strike was a success and SIET management was forced to relax the dress-code rule. Have all the babes from SIET have "gone the wrong way" since?

Who are these people to decide on what is provocative? I consider sarees as the sexiest dress worn by women. I'm able to see more neck, waist, and back as compared to Jeans and Tees. A tight salwar can be more revealing than a baggy trouser and a round-neck tee.

Come on , give them a break...after all no one told you to come in panchakatcham and jubbas while you were in college way back in the 60s when India was far more conservative. Concentrate on giving better facilities (the GEC canteen is always such a dirty mess) in the classrooms and the hostels rather than playing GOD.



Comment from: Sudhamshu [Visitor]

At First, i found the directive amusing and ridiculous. BUt, i definitely think that Mobile phones are a nuisance. If you have been in a meeting and if the members keep getting calls you will surely know irritating that thing is, professors are no different. Putting cellphone jammers in classroom is advisable, the sanctity of a classroom should be maintained.

As for dress code, i agree with most of your content. On the one hand, the Anna University is curbing the Freedom of Expression of the students. But on the part of the students, they should understand that college is not the place where you go to show your fashion quotient. Banning Jeans etc seems to be ridiculous, but yeah, some people do dress in a very ugly manner. The VC as such has not put a ban, only a restriction.

Personally, i would have loved to go to college in shorts and chappals and sit comfortably on the bench with my legs on the bench while studying. But shorts were banned!!
If you look at places like IIT, they have no restriction on dress code and they produce the best students! So i guess, You win, Don!

03-Sep-05 @ 00:15
Comment from: priya [Visitor]

tell me abt it..im enveloped in grief :(


03-Sep-05 @ 19:56
Comment from: Deepak [Visitor]


you are absolutely right . anna university should concentrate on improving the academic standards than prescribe dress codes for students. and about ur comment sudhamshu college is also a place where u can try out new trends its not just for studies . its part of ur life where u enjoy the most . But i am luky even though i study in a anna university affliated college (Hindustan) we dont have any dress codes here , you can wear whatever u want including shorts and sleeveless. so for the rest of unfortunate fella’s out there stand together and fight back .anna university u dont have any rights to prescribe dress codes.

19-Sep-05 @ 19:21
Comment from: aps [Visitor]

Its the way people carry themselve which need to be conc. upon and not the way they dress….if u impose something on students they ll b tempted to break it….A person can look decent in a low waist jean or still look awfully sexy in a salwar…The induvidual should have a sense if dredssing and then it ll lead to problem free college life

31-Jan-06 @ 13:29
Comment from: M. Rajesh [Visitor]
M. Rajesh

Respected sir,
I am Rajesh from Kumbakonam. I need Madras University affliated colleges name lists.

17-Mar-06 @ 16:58

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