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Good News for Party Goers

Blogged on 30-Dec-05 08:15:04 pm in News, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

So you gotta go to that great party tomorrow nite and you are planning now. You are worried about the traffic jams, your wife/girl taking ages to dress up, whatever...

Dont worry, be happy.. 2006 has been Postponed by One (Leap) Second. Yeah, now you can take it easy and delay it a bit... :]

For more details on how you can effectively use that 1 sec, check out the information from National Geographic website



Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Thanks Da.!! We need this extra time for sure. :)
Good link to National Geographic

30-Dec-05 @ 22:49
Comment from: jayant [Visitor]

yeah one xtra sec is all i need

wait i havent dated the gal i wanted to , so don i got an xtra sec and u have to itroduce me to her then we will xchange no. then we will talk then we will date

hey i got an xtra sec don u goota help me now:||

30-Dec-05 @ 23:25

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