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Google India - a Direct approach

Blogged on 03-Aug-05 02:11:37 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I sent the entire content of my previous post to Google HO adressing it to their PR heads. I raised a few queries too

So what I’d asked is

  1. Your feedback form on the site is categorized and so the feedback/ complaints are also being recd accordingly. So who is accountable for queries? Your Hyderabad office is not aware of Indian queries?
  2. I understand that approving Ad-Sense for Feeds is your prerogative, but can’t an automated simple declined mail be sent to keep the applicant informed ?
  3. I noticed in a few blog postings that others had a similar experience regarding Ad-Sense with Bangalore office. Some of these are top Indian bloggers and the traffic to their Blogs is very high. So who takes the decisions and on what parameters?
  4. RSS itself is a less-known / less-used technology as compared to e-mails. This means that not as many applications like the regular Ad-Sense for Content. If the ASC can be organized, why not ASF?
  5. Google has a co.in extension and translations in several Indian languages, an R& D centre here and what more, according to Google Zeitgeist, India is the most popular country searched in June 2005. So why isn’t there a PRO for India?
  6. So who exactly is accountable or answerable of Google’s behalf in India? Google site does not mention anything and I’m sure your helpful staff in India would be of no help in this regard.


Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Good work da….I’ll follow up like I said earlier with my friend. I’ll type a paper mail tomorrow and send it to GOOGLE. I think these days, that will have a better response.

05-Aug-05 @ 09:34
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks da machan, You know something…Google has already crawled these posts and in a day or two any search query on “Google India” or “Google Adresses” or similar would return these posts as top results :-)

in your own style : nunalum than vayaal kedum

05-Aug-05 @ 13:58
Comment from: sophie [Visitor]

hi don
actually i dont understand this google stuff
but the real thing is i visited ur blog for the first time
and felt really happy…
and seeing mentalcentral here…made me happier

07-Aug-05 @ 14:03

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