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Google gets Googlied

Blogged on 27-Aug-05 01:44:17 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

It is so funny....

Google (International and Indian offices) till now have not bothered to reply to my mail on the attitude and arrogance of their Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.

I'd also Posted my experience with them here sometime back.

Today, Google's own technology is working against them. 70% of search terms related to Google Bangalore or Hyderabad, Ad Sense for feeds return my post among the top 20 Results and in some cases the top Result.

Just a few of the Search Queries I noticed..

google+bangalore, hyderabad google head office address, ad sense for feeds, google hyderabad, google hyd office contact no., contact tel google bangalore, google hyderabad email address, google bangalore address, google office in hyderabad (or Bangalore), google office in India

Google PROs are not bothered about this...But I feel that my Blog will be blacklisted by Google soon. But then again, Yahoo, MSN and some other Search Engines are also returning the same results..

Nunalum than vayaal kedum ?



Comment from: Sudhamshu [Visitor]

Good Going Don… But i’m still wondering. On the one hand you are protesting vociferously against Google & on the other you still continue to post ‘Ads by Google’ :O.

27-Aug-05 @ 12:58
Comment from: [Member]

@Sudham- I’m protesting against the attitude of Google, not the Technology…. I’m only trying to tell them the shortcomings, which if removed can really enhance their quality of service.

I’ve also started signing up with several more Ad Managers and Affliate programs; the Ads have already started appearing on my sites.

27-Aug-05 @ 13:22
Comment from: Jo [Visitor]

I hope they would notice your blog posting and would take your concern seriously. I only “hope"… :-)

30-Aug-05 @ 00:16
Comment from: [Member]

Jo, does the Sun ever rise in the Arabian Sea ? :-)

30-Aug-05 @ 02:12

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