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Google India - Attitude Problems or Wot ?

Blogged on 03-Aug-05 01:53:01 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

It is with a sense of disbelief that I’m write about a very incredulous interaction with Google's Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.

I’ve been trying to reach across to Google to find out about the status of application for Ad-Sense for Feeds. For some strange reason, my mails through the feedback form on Google site have evoked no response. I’ve already sent 16 messages in the past 6 months and till date, sadly, Google is yet to respond.

After coming to the conclusion this great afternoon that the form on the site serves only a cosmetic purpose, I Google for “Google Bangalore Contact information” and get several pages of results that did not provide me any contact info for Bangalore. I try the same for Hyderabad with the same results. I presume that Google probably has a robots.txt file that prevents Google bots from crawling its own sites. I head to Google.com and search from “within” Google site and again get the same results. :(

I navigate to this page http://www.google.com/corporate/address.html and find that no emails are listed for both Indian offices, except for resume submission. So I, and I guess naturally would anyone, dial the No. listed there. First I try the BGL office and someone informs me that I should call HYD office for any information. When I enquire whom I am speaking to, he tells me “Security” 8|. Wondering why Google is not able to afford a telephone operator / front-office person, I ask for someone I could speak to regarding some issues. I’m not sure who it was, but some woman with a put-on accent comes online, and this is how the conversation went

Me : Can I speak to someone regarding Ad-Sense for Feeds ?
Google Girl : What sense?

Now what with the monsoon in Karnataka and the telephone lines in bad shape, I thot I wasn’t heard, so again

Me : Ad-Sense for Feeds
GG : What is that? 8|

Oops! I’m back to square A, so I say

Me : It’s a part of Google I think. It’s a service offered by you folks
GG : (totally unconcerned about her lack of knowledge) Oh…..:yawn:
Me : So who do you think I talk to?
GG : I don’t know, but I guess you should call up HYD. We are just an R&amp&#59;D centre. :idea:
Me : Any email IDs?
GG : hmmmm…….I guess so, but I can give you Tel nos.
Me : (zapped at this attitude) Thanks, but I have them on my screen already.

I disconnect; Cost of Call: Rs.35/- Result: None

Now I call Hyderabad and find the security answering the phone again :!:. This time I ask for the PRO for Google India and the security says “No one in office, Sir. Call back later”. I presume that the Google Hyd employees could have gone out to watch the last few overs of the cricket match on TV :D so I wait for 10 mins and call back. The security answers again :!: , transfers and another Google Girl comes online (no accent this time, just an attitude) and says (before I could even tell her what I wanted)

GG: “Sorry, Sir, we don’t encourage phone calls, please e-mail us”.

Now, I’m a very patient person, but I guess even powerhouses blow a fuse sometimes, so I get a bit upset :-/ and I ask her

Me : Dammit, only b’cos Google is not replying to emails, I’m trying to call and it’s costing me 25 times the cost of email. So get smart and give me some decent answers. There is no email link on the site, so give me one and I’ll mail across.
GG : the email details are on the site, Sir. We don’t answer queries through telephone.
Me : If that’s the case, remove the telephone Nos from the site and just put email IDs.
GG : For that, you will have to contact the Head Office, Sir.
Me : Great. I’ll do that anycase. Also tell them to remove the entire address from the page, cos it is a dead link.
GG : Don’t tell us what to do. I have other work.
Me : I think that’s rude, so I’m going to shoot a mail to your Head Office about this. >:(
GG : Do what you want. We only answer through email.

She disconnects the phone !!.
Cost of Calls: Rs.55/- Result: A bad taste in the Mouth

Now I’m fuming.|-| Google would not dare treat ppl in the US like this w/out attracting a legal suit. I try once gain to reach someone, but for some strange reason the line gets disconnected. I try something like 10 times and every time the Security answers the phone. And the poor sod tries to connect to someone and the phone line gets disconnected. I give up, head to the Google India Job Opportunities page to check if there is a vacancy for Tel operators listed there :], but I fine none listed. So I once again presume (these presumptions are habit-forming, aren’t they?) that Google is trying to implement “Shared-Work-Profiles” policy and get back to my regular work.

I get this brainwave :> and ask my wife to call Bangalore office posing as the Secretary to the Technical Manager of Inf****, Chennai. The security guy answers the phone again, and after a protracted delay, Rajasekhar comes on the line. For a change, he sounds concerned and informed and I vent my bottled-up emotions to him.

At some point I mention that I am no Tech Manager, just a mere mortal using a ruse to try to reach across to someone in Google India to express my displeasure. He gives me a patient hearing and apologizes for whatever had happened. I agree to send him a mail about the unpleasant experience today.

Thanks, Rajasekhar for hearing me out. :wave:

Cost of Calls : Rs.75/- Result : yet to realize

I am just wondering. If someone from rain-ravaged Mumbai had wanted to speak to someone in Google Hyderabad, would the Google Girl have automatically told them to send an e-mail and logged off the telephone ?

Does not speak very high of Google….



Comment from: Jo [Visitor]

It is very much frustrating indeed! Is this the level of customer support that a company such as Google give away? First time, they made news by terminating Mark Jen for blogging and now this. Really bad…

03-Aug-05 @ 10:32
Comment from: [Member]

Yeah, Jo, Just call Google office ay Hyderabad and see for yourself.

03-Aug-05 @ 15:22
Comment from: Joslin [Visitor]

Hi Don, that is ridiculous behaviour by Google. I am glad you have taken the trouble of exposing them on this platform. I think you should shoot a mail to print newspapers as well.

03-Aug-05 @ 21:07
Comment from: rvijayann [Visitor]

hi Don, Great work in ripping off the Mask from Google. A copy of this expose must be tabled in NASSCOM and a copy sent to other popular search engines PRO’s,that should have a sting in the tail for goooofy google. ” Let no one take India for granted". good work


04-Aug-05 @ 06:50
Comment from: Sudhamshu [Visitor]

You should take some serious action on this Don. Is this the customer support they provide? I guess their certification should be contested.

By the way, does ad sense in Feeds mean, u’lll be putting up ads by google on RSS Feeds too? Personally, i dont like this whole idea as Feeds are supposed to give a summary, why cloud it with more information.. But i m just a novice..

05-Aug-05 @ 00:25
Comment from: [Member]

Joslin, Viji> just sent a copy of the mail and this post to Nasscoma, Digit, Chip, MediaPost and a few other onine folks.

Sudhamshu>The Google Ad-send is a small bit of stuff below the actual feed. It looks like the playcontrols of an audio-blog post . So no hassles on the space.

05-Aug-05 @ 02:10
Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Macchi, I’ll follow up with this. MY friend works for Google here.

Not sure why Google India..treated You like this. Idiots.!

I doubt it will happen here in the US.!

Sorry to hear about this.!

05-Aug-05 @ 09:32
Comment from: Anand [Visitor]

This SHOULD be sent to decent newspapers. Like you mention, this will not be the way they treat people in the US. We just need to up the ante a bit so that corporates [Indian or MNCs] really take notice and start giving consumers a damn!!


06-Aug-05 @ 12:57
Comment from: YC [Visitor]

Sounds like the BOFH. :)

06-Aug-05 @ 21:48
Comment from: Alaphia [Visitor]

Hi Don,

As a journalist, Google can be my lifeline. Thanks for letting me know that i should NEVER call them… just google.

07-Aug-05 @ 11:13
Comment from: Fathima [Visitor]

Getting frustrated is a part of life.
No, I am not a PRO of Google

10-Aug-05 @ 16:10
Comment from: Fathima [Visitor]

Sorry, I typed my URL wrong in my prev comment.

10-Aug-05 @ 16:11
Comment from: Karthik [Visitor]

It is an American company alright. But the center you talked to is in India, right?

10-Aug-05 @ 16:17
Comment from: Jerry [Visitor]

Hrmm.. This is really bad. I thought Google provide an excellent service. Seems like Google disappoint me.

13-Aug-05 @ 17:52

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