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Madras Christian College and DeepWoods 80s

Blogged on 22-Sep-05 11:33:00 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I was a student of this great institution during 1978-81. Did my Eng.Litt there. A fantastic campus, great ambience, top-of-the-line educational standards has made MCC retain its position as one of the top colleges in India for several decades now. There is something unique about Madras Christian College, and the bond it produces is seen strongly within the Alumni.

Sometime during September 1981, a friend who was my senior by one year wrote to me asking if I knew the whereabouts of her close pal, who was my classmate. I emailed her the details and she gave me the IDs of few ppl from my Class of 81. The fire started under my ass and I put up a small contact page on my server with email IDs of the Alumni I was in touch with. In a month, we had a neat banter going and I went ahead and built and hosted DeepWoods 80s.
I managed to collect a good bunch of images and content from the good 'ol days and soon people started landing up from across batches. Another good pal signed up for a 500MB space from a free offer and we migrated there. We posted on Alumni.net, Batchmates.com and other Alumni oriented sites and more ppl landed up. We now have something like 500+ pics (from 1887 to 2005),a Forum, Chat and a Graffitti Board apart from other MCC-Centric features. The site also boasts of the Net's only Alumni store that sells non-institutional merchandise, meaning regular products like Tees, Music, Books etc. The online Trade Post is called Opposite the Cafe in nostalgia of the MCC Co-operative Stores that used to be opposite the students cafe. I work on the site with a lil help from my friends.
DeepWoods 80s just turned three and a dude from the '83 batch donated 500 MB of space on a very fast secure server. Planning to put in some Flash and rebuild the whole site. If you are an student of MCC or know someone who was, tell them to land up. We are a motely gang and we love company....


Comment from: Joslin Vethakumar [Visitor]
Joslin Vethakumar

Great work, Don. Your initiative in putting this online has put many of us back in touch. Well done.

23-Sep-05 @ 08:12
Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Macchi, You are great. I don’t have any words to praise your efforts. I am sure some MCC’ans will read post and join in.!!

Thanks da, for taking your time to do this.!

We Ex-MCC’ans owe you a lot for this.

24-Sep-05 @ 10:15
Comment from: sophie [Visitor]

i am happy…i am there…

26-Sep-05 @ 14:40
Comment from: Jo [Visitor]

Hey! are you there in that b/w pic?

27-Sep-05 @ 10:13

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