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modhost - a terrific host

Blogged on 27-Nov-05 02:37:54 am in Background, DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Lots of people ask me where I host my sites and this blog. I guess they are impressed with the page load speeds...

I host them all in a 350 MB space on modhost.com.

About 2 years back when I was creating Ananya Exports website, my client Ramana's son came across this host and took up the webspace for the site. I was quite impressed with the Control Panel and the features and after hosting the site, convinced on the speed.

Last year, when my erstwhile host reminded me to renew, I declined and migrated to modhost. And I've lived virtually happily ever after. :D. Their service is also quite good and without an attitude , unlike my other host 1and1.com. (I've already posted about the latter's lack of technical strength).

Defenitely recommended


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Comment from: Chuck Morrison [Visitor]
Chuck Morrison

Thanks for the tip on hosting. Looks like they have some good deals. Always appreciate a tip! Had similiar issues with 1&1…..

29-Jun-05 @ 20:53

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