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Rajny Krishnan - A Sculptor's website

Blogged on 16-Dec-05 12:01:37 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Awaken to meaning

When Rohini's cousin Rajny and I started started talking about showcasing her work online, I wasn't very confident. Now Rajny Krishnan is a talented sculptor / painter and I wasn't sure if I could justify her creativity on the website. She was confident and I started working on it a couple of months back.

She had a huge collection of images in different sizes, resolutions and weight and so spent some quality time PhotoShopping to get them suitable for the web. For design, I've used CSS extensively and the slide-shows were done using some home made concoction of CSS, i-frames and layers. I've used Scott's PZ too in some pages. I loved doing this site, cos I was able to appreciate Rajny's work in full while documenting her creatives and in the process I was able to bring out the creatives in me.

Rajny's personal and Poetry Blogs - Art of the Matter and Art Lines were done using b2evolution as the backend.

After you check out Rajny Krishnan - A Sculptor site, do send some first impressions through the feedback form on her site...


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