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The World's Richest Man

Blogged on 30-Aug-05 01:33:17 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I have been building this website and I needed to get into some extensive PHP-MySql coding as the databse is huge. Never been the coding type, been on the graphics side always. So everytime, I wrote out the code and it worked, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Which made me think, if only I could create an application that would clearly display the current thought process of one's WIFE (in other words fathom the workings in the depths), I'd be the Richest Guy, what the heck. Just imagine, even the richest folks would require it and I'd be minting money.

So I gave up on site building and experimented with a bit of code and uploaded an application , which can be accessed from Here. I Call it Don's FathomMeter. :]

On second thoughts I don't want to charge for the usage, so it's Open Source in the intrest of MANkind. If you feel its useful, pls donate through PayPal..


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Comment from: Sudhamshu [Visitor]

I visited the website (pdoassn)… The site looks awesome, Gr8 Job Don… atta Boy! You deserve a pat on the back.

And also saw the excellent application (Reading your wife/gf’s mind)… I wonder which algorithm you used to come up with such excellent results!

03-Sep-05 @ 18:00

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