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Shobha Warrier on Chennai - Brainless article on Rediff

Blogged on 08-Oct-05 04:25:31 pm in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

I just read this by Shobha Warrier on Rediff.com

What a crazy way to potray a great city. :crazy:

Shobha Warrier has stooped to a level that's worse than the moral policing crowd here. Her article is written without any analysis or going into the facts of what happened after that. She looks like the kinda of person who just reads her own writings and not that of others. Cos if she had she would have seen the large section of Chennai folks writing out strongly against Dinamalar and the action from the cops. Even The Hindu came out strogly in its Editorial. She probably is not aware of blogs, cos the No of Blog posts, which protested against the moral copping, were more than what she would have wriiten as a Guest Columnist in her lifetime.

Does this woman who talks about Bharatanatyam with a tinge of ridicule know that Chennai has produced some of the best Indian classical dancers?

Does this great columnist who derides college atmosphere in Chennai know that 5 among the top 10 Indian colleges are from here?

This attention seeker who seems to think that Chennaites dont talk about sex, AIDS etc know that we started the 1st AIDS Ad in the country and featured condoms on hoardings across the state?

Does this liberated journalist know that the Entertainment Corridor in Chennai is the same length of the IT corridor and that there is no other city in India which has as many resorts in one place as the ECR?

Do you know that Chennai has the lowest crime-rate and least law & order issues as compared to other metros?

Ma'am, stop ridiculing your own countrymen first. Grow up ! If you think that being hep is writing stupid articles like this, you got it wrong. If you want to contribute, get yout facts straight and do a level-headed write-up.

Lemme repeat, you have stooped lower than the reporters of Dinmalar who by their stupidity have only invaded the privacy of a few people. On the contrary, you have tried to shed bad light on an entire city that's far ahead of other cities in India, by generalising some one-off acts.

Stop writing crap.... :crazy:

On the whole, only a site like Rediff, which has a dearth for content would publish trash like what you have written.

Lemme repeat, we are grown-ups here trying to behave like kids to have a goodtime, only you seem to be acting like a pathetic little kid who wants to ape the grown-ups.


I've sent a strong letter to Rediff Feedback(ajit_balakrishnan@rediff.co.in) and marked a copy to their Corporate Communication Head - Debasis Ghosh,(investor@rediff.co.in) saying that Chennai bloggers will start an online campaign against Rediff if they dont publish an apology from Ms. Warrier. Pls join the mailing campaign. Thanks...



Comment from: jay [Visitor]

aah tat’s kewl and calm post don.

i don understand wat’s wrong wth some lady to talk like that….. anyways s seems to o be sexessful in what she wanted to do get attention….

and i donno much bout chennai tho no doubt among the gr8 indian cities… and campaign by blowwers i donno gud idea or not rediff wd get more popularity.

10-Oct-05 @ 01:31
Comment from: prabukarthik [Visitor]

Hi Don,

written about this in my blog too.


10-Oct-05 @ 14:44
Comment from: Slim [Visitor]

In some ways, Shoba Warrier IS right. lol, majority of the things listed STILL exists… like no kissing in public and “no sex on thursday” kinda things. Lovers (unmarried, of course) cant even have a nice walk holding hands without getting hostile stares and mock comments from the people watching. It sucks… yeah. Some people just dont want to change. In public, they act as though they dont have any sexual organs and know nothing about sex.

People need to grow some balls and get real.

11-Oct-05 @ 01:24
Comment from: YB [Visitor]

Your site’s “Current Recreation” has been mine almost 9 years ;^)

12-Oct-05 @ 19:26
Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Don, Yeah, I agree, this is nonsense. I’ve sent an email as well.

12-Oct-05 @ 23:46
Comment from: Keerthivasan [Visitor]

I;ve posted my views on my blog. Thanks for the informations.,

13-Oct-05 @ 08:42
Comment from: Arindam [Visitor]

First of all the mystery remains - how did you find the site??? :D

secondly, it would be funny to note that one of the founders of rediff is a despirited ex-mccian. and this lady can talk all she wants, it’s after all gas.

15-Oct-05 @ 17:42
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

I asked a couple of Tamilians who are intimately familiar and they said that every scenario is correct except the last one.

On another note I wouldn’t rate Chennai as a great city since it is distinctly xenophobic

17-Oct-05 @ 11:44
Comment from: prabukarthik [Visitor]


sorry, i was pretty miffed by your comments on Rashmi and Gaurav. I responded to it but deleted it when better sense prevailed. Yep, i beg to differ from you and lets leave it at that. i dont want to get into a fight with u over two people i dont even know.

Apologies if my response comments had hurt you.


17-Oct-05 @ 18:49
Comment from: Lightyear [Visitor]

What if Shobha Warrior is right?
Yours is a knee jerk reaction because you love chennai.

17-Oct-05 @ 20:43
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks Light for the comment…

Just a clarification. My reaction was not on what SW wrote about, just the way she wrote about it…

And Shobha is not right, she just cooked up a few titbits to fill her guest column on Rediff. I live in Chennai, am a party animal, built India’s 1st Multiplex, am an event manager and I know the freedom we have as compared to a few other cities..

Btw, why can’t I react when someone rubbishes the city I love? I’d have reacted the same if she had written about Mumbai or Delhi cos I still insist that her style of writing is trash…

17-Oct-05 @ 20:54
Comment from: Murali [Visitor]

What was wrong with Shoba Warriors article, she just choose to write it in a funny way. She was also digging at the moral policing and all the events that happened in Chennai. See the lighter side of it.

18-Oct-05 @ 01:49
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]

I think you are being defensive. I have spent enought time in Chennai to know that all of the underlying themes in her satirical representation of serious issues are true. I would say that only Scene 5 is an undue exaggeration… everything else is quite true…..dont generally crib if you cannot take criticism positively

18-Oct-05 @ 10:11
Comment from: sathish [Visitor]

the problem is people up North always think Chennai is conservative which of course it is and when law takes upperhand these people cry out lot more.
in an article on Sunday Express the same week, the writer says how law is tough even in Delhi and lot of things are prohibited. it seems chennai is the last city (except kolkatta) to take action.

18-Oct-05 @ 13:46
Comment from: Varna [Visitor]


No offense meant- but I believe that you cannot tell the difference betweent sarcatis satire and an editorial. Newspapers even online ones have spaces for Satire.
Shobha Warrier’s piece has to do witht hat style of writing. On a diferent note I have lived in Chennai for five years but am from Delhi. While Chennai is definately safer it is not terribly forward in terms of freedom of the individual. Take a look at the average school and college in Chennai. Yes, they might be academically brilliant institutions but are regresssive. Students get fined for talking to the opposite sex in class. A friend of mine killed herself after she was publicly humiliated because a condom was found in her bag in her first year of college. You still call Chennai progressive? Chennai has several things to be proud of, unfortunately freedom is NOT one of them.

19-Oct-05 @ 12:40

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