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Win XP and Thol Thiruma - a Case Study

Blogged on 09-Oct-06 01:29:30 am in DrainBrain -- Viewed by : Fans

Awrite folks, in today's lesson, we do a case study that will highlight the Dual desktop feature in Win XP that can make your life much easier.

Scenario 1 : Win XP. As most of you know, you can attach two monitors to your system and thus have two desktops. Win XP also allows you to drag an item from one monitor to another effortlessly.

Scenario 2: Thol Thiruma (why do these guys shorten their names ?) last week left the AIADMK camp and (re)joined the DMK combine. Now 1000s of posters/banners/flex hoardings have been put up all around TamilNadu which has Thol's mug along with JJ and Vaiko. On a pronto basis, his face has to now appear along with Sonia, KK and Stalin in the other camp's posters/banners/flex hoardings...

So this is where Win XP's multiple display/desktop features come in handy.

  • Start an instance of Adobe PS in Monitor A.
  • Open the ADMKaffliates.psd file with Thol's image with the ADMK team.
  • Now open the DMKaffliates.psd file and drag this entire window from Monitor A to Monitor B.

With me so far? Good.

  • Next, in Monitor A, right click Thol's face and Select Layer titled "Thol".
  • Just simply drag the layer from Monitor A to Monitor B and drop it inside DMKaffliates.psd.
  • Hide "Thol" Layer in the Layers Palette in ADMKaffliates.psd. Read Notes below to understand why you need to "Hide" a layer rather than "Delete"

Save and Close both files. Exit Adobe Photoshop.

Notes :

  • While its generally a good practice to "Hide" a layer rather than "Delete" in any image that you are editing, it is more so applicable in Thol's case. The local body election gets over on the 13th and based on the winning camp, you may be required to rework the images. In case of changes, you just have to UnHide the Thol layer in ADMKaffliates.psd and Hide in DMKaffliates.psd
  • You dont have to resize Thol's picture after dragging the layer. In any case his mug has to appear smaller than either JJ, Vaiko, MK, Sonia or Stalin.

We trust that the above case-study has helped you understand the dual-desktop feature of Windows XP.

Tomorrow Case-Study :

  • We look at Windows XP's feature which automatically connects to the net to identify a related application to open a file with unidentifiable extensions. We will be using the file titled "TRajendar.???" for this case-study.

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Comment from: Narayanan [Visitor]

Very funny da !

And his party will be the No.1 Customer for Photoshop and other products that help this to happen.

Reason - Happens so often.!

25-Oct-06 @ 02:53

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