11:43:54 pm, by Orion in: Daily Mazhalai ...  

My Tooth Fairy visits....

Since last month, my baby teeth have been falling. I've lost four till now... &#59;D

take a look .....

My 1st Teeth Gone
My 4th Teeth is now Gone

will be back later . Byes....

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  02:26:57 am, by Orion in: Learning Curve ...  

Learning some more....

Long time I havent Klogged :'(

I'm learning creating layers in Photoshop so thought I'll put one design I made today.

It is a King... Each colour shape is ain different layer

Once holidays start, I'll write more


  02:27:04 pm, by Orion in: Daily Mazhalai ...  

The Dancing Dudes

This picture was taken at Suthan David uncle company Vibrant Events Annual day.

Don and I danced for a long time and he also taught me some steps. :>>

Thanks Megha auntie for emailing the snap. :wave:

Dancing Dudes

Catch you later :wave:


  10:51:36 pm, by Orion in: Daily Mazhalai ...  

Back to School

My school re-opened on 11th this month. I'm in the E section in I Std. Dad and Mom came to school and dropped me on the 1st day. From the next day, I started going again with Jothimani Uncle. This year, there are more students he is dropping at school, so we are now going in a van.

I wear All White uniform on Mondays and the Coloured Uniform on other days.

I'm learning Hindi as my 2nd language from this year. A few days back, Dad had come and picked up my books. There are lots of interesting books with photos. Momma came back from Office and put covers and stuck labels for all the books.

Have some homework to do now, Bye Bye


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Yip Yip Yooray - I'm promoted

I got my report card from school on the 6th. I have been promoted to 1st standard :>> .

Dad had come to the school and met Anandhi Miss. I also gave Miss a gift - a photo frame in a nice handmade paper bag which was made by Momma. I wrote in my own handwriting - "Thank you for the love and guidance". Miss told daddy that my performance in the last term was excellent. I'm now going to 1st Standrad - G Section, the same section I was in my UKG also.

When I came back home, Dad and I sat down with the Report Card and compared my grades across this year. Here are some of the grades in related areas.
The grades are A - Excellent, B - Very Good and C - Good.

  • Speaking Skills - B
  • Narrative Skills - B
  • Story Selling - B
  • Listening Skills - C :roll:
  • Rhymes - B
  • Reading Skills - B
  • Writing Skills - C
  • Spelling / Words - B
  • Class Assignments - A
  • Memory Skills - C
  • Thinking Skills - A :>>
  • Co-Curricular Skills - B/C
  • Social Behaviour - B/C

This is what the teacher wrote about me

Ashwanthe has shown improvement in certain areas of academics. He is good at reciting rhymes and in narrating stories. He is good in number concepts. He participates in class discussions.

He needs to improve his attention span to get better grades. He needs to improve his handwriting and have practice at home.

Best of Luck, Ashwanthe.

And now comes the best part. :D

My school reopens only on 7th June. Long holidays. Dad is planning to put me in music class ( guitar or keyboard ). I'll also be learning Adobe Photoshop and HTML. Of course, learning to ride dad's bike is also my idea. :>

And yes, planning to K'log on a regular basis.

Dad has bought a new laptop and is very busy setting it up. I'm not allowed to touch it, but I can listen to music or watch video on it.

Now let me go and play :wave:. Yip Yip Yooray..

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