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Yippee ! a Long Holiday

4 days of leave starting today. Yippee :>> :DD :lalala: When I told people at home, no one believed me and dad called up the auto driver to confirm. :crazy:

I will be going to Dad's college this weekend where he will be staying for 3 days to finish the college website. There are lots of deer and peacock and Ebi Uncle and auntie are very nice people whom I visited last time I went there.

While Don was checking some old CDs he found some pics of mom taken just after they got married. They took a bike ride to Pondicherry. I liked this one. Mamma looks like a 12th std student in this :p . Dad has posted one more in his blog. That's also a lovely picture.

I got 100 marks in my Maths class test today &#59;D and also got 5 stars for my numbers dictation. Anandhi Miss was a bit upset when I came to school in colour dress (Maltova spilt on my uniform this morning, so had to change), but I think my marks made her happy and she gave me the 5 star :>> . I also got a lot of kisses at home &#59;)

Since no school tomorrow I was allowed to watch PoGo a bit late and I watched Mr. Bean's tamash till 11pm. I was also happy to see Nandini auntie on TV today and I sent her a wish through sms from dad's cell.

I'm sleepy now and so bye bye :wave:

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Just doing my Homework online

Today dad said that I should type the Nos and the Alphabets online here today.
He had gone to his college, MCC yesterday and today to take photos for the college website, which he's working on. He just came back with Kanaks uncle who photographd and Deepa auntie, who is studying there now.

okay, Now I'm going to type the alphabets


Very sleepy. Going to bed. Bye :wave:


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Games from Geetha Chitthi

That is my Geetha Chitthi in the photograph with me. This was taken at my 4th b'day in my house.

She is now married to Arvind Chitthappa and they are both living in Hyderabad.

She calls me on the telephone regularly and we chat for some time. Y'day I also spoke to Chitthappa after a long time. He made fun by changing his voice and speaking to me. I'm going to meet them this weekend in Chennai. :wave:

Geetha Chitthi sent me some games through email. I want to share them with you. Click here to get the games to your system. :p


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Songs I liked last year...

I think today I'll list some of the songs that I like

Suttum Vizhe Chudare - One of my favourites right now. I saw the movie Gajini on Don's system and I liked it. I like this song especially b'cos of the nice dancing beat it has. I like Surya Uncle and Asin auntie b'cos they have danced very cool. I think Asin auntie has to practice to dance faster like Simran or Ramya auntie :>> . Asin auntie is also a friend of my Aishu athai.

You should also listen to Jo Uncle singing this song.

Oru Maalai Ila Veyil Neram - Again from the same film, but its more of a slower number. Its nice to sing.

Ondra Renda - Its a very nice song, b'cos of the beatiful guitar music in the background. Dad listens to this so much also.

Oh...Butterfly - I have never seen the video of this song, but I like it b'cos my dear athai Aishu is singing it. :>>

Vaanum Meenum - This is a very enjoyable song and I like the way the uncle keeps pointing with his hand. The boy holding the mike next to him is alo funny :crazy:

Loosu Penne Loosu Penne - :>> When I started singing this song, Don was not happy. . But somehow I couldn't resist it :oops: and now I find Don humming it when he's working seriously.

Ammadi Athadi - I can sing this number and also dance to it. Dad has promised to shoot my dancing on his cam and soon I'll put it here.

Hotel California - I cant sing this song, but I like it a lot. Dad says that when I was living inside mom's tummy, they used to play this song to me every night. :>> He claims that minutes after I was born, he sang it to me and it seems I became very quiet and looked at him. :crazy:

Smoke on the Water - One of the most heard songs in our house. :roll:. I like the guitar and sometimes imitate Don playing the guitar.

That's what I was listening to in 2006.:>> Now, we have to go to Aishu athai house for dinner party. Catch you in 2007 :wave:


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Edwin uncle's house and Beach

Yesterday, Edwin Uncle came home around 12 o' clock and picked Don and me to go to his house in Thiruvanmiyur. Dad had promised to repair Uncle's computer and finally they found the time to do that.

Edwin Uncle's son Danny was there when we went there and we were playing as Dad started repairing the system. Edwin Uncle had to go to pick up Mano Auntie and while he was away, Danny went to his friend's place. I was watching POGO and also played some games on his mini playstation.

Mano Auntie made some great prawn fries for lunch and all of us ate really well. I love prawns so much... &#59;D . After lunch, I ignored Don's shouting asking me to sleep and played games on the TV with Danny. Around 6pm Uncle and auntie had to go for a wedding, so Don told me that we wil go to the beach. We took uncle's bike and went to Kottivakkam beach.

This time, I was not scared and walked with Dad right upto the sea. We sat there for a while and watched the crabs playing in the sand. Don also showed me the lights of the ships which were sailing in the sea. Since it was chill and I'd forgotten my monkey-cap, we went back near the road.

I made a sand castle and then changed it into a sundal shop, like they have on the beach. I cooked some sand sundal and gave it to Don in a Cap I found there. :D. We both played for sometime and at 9,we went back to Edwin uncle house. Danny cooked some noodles for both of us and we watched Mr.Bean while we ate. His sister Adlin came back with uncle n auntie and I chatted with all of them and sang songs for them.

Uncle decided to come to our place to sleep and so we went back home. As usual :>>, I slept on the way in Don's lap and got up at home only to do susu and hit the bed..

A great day, all in all :wave:

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