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Outside Connexions - My 1st PhotoShop pic ;-)

I havent Klogged for sometime now b'cos dad was very busy with some work. His computer friend uncles have been coming home for the past month and they are doing something very busy.

Anycase my holidays start from tomorrow :>> and I'll be doing this regularly.

Though I havent been able to post, Don has been teaching me Photoshop in his free time. Its not easy like Paint, but I love to draw shapes and colour them. There are also more colours than Paint. So I painted what I saw outside Connexions the other evening.

Its getting late for school, my last day at school this year :>>. Catch you later :wave:

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Going to KumbaX

Yippee !!!

Dad has some work in Kumbakonam (he and his friends call it KumbaX) on Friday till Sunday and was supposed to leave this morning. He got delayed and so wanted to leave by 3pm. I just came back from school and he asked me if I wanted to come also. I said Yippee !!! :>> &#59;D

I'm just going to have my Corn Flakes and change and get ready. We are going by bus and Dhina uncle will meet us at the busstand there.

I'm going to enjoy my trip. I'll be K'logging only on Monday again :wave:


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Swimming and Klogrolling

I did this painting today, while Don and Satish Uncle were chatting on the terrace. The painting is called Swimming . Satish Uncle has come from London after 2 years and I was happy to see him. He still calls me Ashwanthe Kittan :D .

When I came home from school, I felt bad and in tears b'cos I didn't get the prize in the school today :( . I'll tell you what I acted. First I acted like Mr.Bean singing Halleluah in church and limping with one shoe off. Then I said " Mr.Bean will be back on prime pogo". And then I did the MAD action on the floor, go up and said "www.pogo.tv" . My teacher said Good, but my classmate Ashicol won the 1st prize. Dad says its okay if I didn't win, that I have to practice better next time. Yes, next time I'll get the 1st prize :>>

Today, Jo uncle has talked about my K'log in his blog. Thanks Uncle :wave:

Don showed me some more K'loggers sites from the post Vulturo uncle did on DesiPundit. Dad also showed me how to Klogroll them. This time he did it for me. I'll learn soon and do it myself.

Feeling sleepy...Good night


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Anju's Bithday Party

my friend Anjali (Anju) celebrated her birthday yesterday. She is now 6 years old, just 1 year older than me. We went to her house at 6:30 pm and joined other friends. I gave her a nice gift of two CDs which has Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and animations. I also gave her a kiss. :oops:

After eating the cake, puffs and french fries, we burst all the baloons, which made so much sound. &#59;D Then we all went down and watched IceAge 2 on a big screen. Poor Nagi Uncle was going up and down getting Fanta for us.

We planned to go home at 9:30, but it started raining. So, Don asked me to go and play some more time with Anju. We left for home at 10:30 only. It started raining on the road, so I took dad's raincoat and cap and wore it. We reached home safely and went to bed.

Thanks a lot for a great party Anju, I enjoyed it very much...


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Learning to paint with Paint

My favourite thing on the system is Paint. I can happily draw or paint whatever I want. I also know how to save what I do. This is what I did this morning. Use your mouse over my painting to see in big size.

If you are wondering why in the morning, its b'cos I overslept and missed my auto to school &#59;D. Actually Dad got up, woke me up and he was so tired he said he will sleep for another 5 nimits. I brushed my teeth and thought I'll also sleep for another 10 nimits. :oops:. We both got up at 9 only and Don was upset :lalala:.

I had a shampoo bath in the afternoon under the shower. I like it very much. After that, I did some homework (from dad) and painted with my crayons in the book which mamma has got me. I left the paint kit on the floor and dad who came out of the bathroom wiping his hair didnt notice it and stepped on it. :>>. He had to limp back to the bathroom The water was running in all colours when he washed his legs. We were both laughing at this fun.

Its 10pm and I'm telling dad what to K'log today. After this, I'm going to sleep immediately so that I dont miss the auto again tomorrow. Good Night !

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