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My 1st post - Hooray !!!!

I was very excited in the morning before going to school as dad said he has totally completed my K'log and I could come back and start using it.

So here's my 1st post...

I came back from school and watched PoGo, while eating some thayir saadham. Don wanted to take a quick nap and I quietly started playing Match and Win game, where a light burns when you touch two wires to matching pictures or words. I felt sleepy after a while and slept next to dad. We both got up only at 5:30 pm. Had a glass of B-Protein (mamma's) for a change from Boost.

I had some Homework where I have to write 3 letter words ending with 'at'. Finished both the pages and showed it to Don, who said "Great" &#59;D . After I watched some program on Disney and went over to Arvind's house to eat my dinner of chappathis and kuruma. Around 8:30 pm I came back, sat down with Don and told him what to put in my blog today.

We have also included a nice fun stuff called "Sock my K'log" in my blog sidebar. You can now create animated disasters on my blog by selecting and pressing 'go' . Try it. :>>

Our school is celbrating Children's Day on 14th Nov and my teacher asked me to participate either by telling a story or do some acting on stage. I selected the second one and starting tomorrow, Dad will be teaching me how to do a TV advertisement. I'm going to get the 1st prize. B)

I'm feeling sleepy now.. so Good night. Meet you tomorrow again

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In front of a Lens

There must be more than 1000 digital pictures and about 200 printed pics of me, apart from videos since I was born. (Lucky to have been born in the digital era :>> ). Dad says that he's anyway planning to put all of them in a DVD after categorising them.

Once that's done, hw will also create my online gallery :D

Btw, I've been handling a cam since I was 3 years old. There are lots of pics that I've taken myself. All of them will be online soon...

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About my K'log

K'log is the short form for a "Kid Blog". pronouned Kay-log

I have been hearing the word Blog for about 2 years now and last month, while eating my Corn Flakes asked Dad what it was all about. He said "I'll tell you about Blogs after you finish your Kellogs". It sounded so funny that I was laughing for a long time. So after I finished my meal, he explained something which I didnt understand :crazy: . I asked him why momma and he have blogs and I dont. He smiled a Don smile and my K'log was created.

What I liked was that he said I can see my drawings, paintings, pictures and my words on the computer screen. The problem is that though I can recogonise alphabets, I cant read or write whole words by myself. I can also type letters from the keyboard, but the alphabets on it are all jumbled &#59;)

So we had a man-to-man chat about it and this is what we will do.

Everyday I'll tell him something which he will type into my K'log. Something about my school, about my friends, about my homework ....whatever I feel like. . Oneday I'll put up a picture I like. Dad also says that I can sing and that can also be put in my K'log. I'll also watch what he's doing and practice it when he's not working on his system.

When I start writing and typing and understanding what I write, I'll start posting myself. :>> :wave:

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Something about me

My name is Ashwanthe M Krishnan and I'm 5 Years old. Completed 5 years on 31st October. My dad's name is Muralikrishnan, everyone calls him Don...Mom's name is Rohini and friends call her Rohz. I call her momma

I'm studying UKG in Pon Vidyashram School and go daily by auto. Samraj, Shivani are my auto friends. I have lot of other friends at school. My teacher's name is Anandhi Miss. I know how to count and write till 100 in numbers. I also know how to read and write all the alphabets. Now, I'm learning to write my name ....

I like playing games on the system. My favourite games are Pingu, Feeding Frenzy and PinBall. I also play online games on PoGo website. My favourite TV programs are also from PoGo...Mr.Bean, Noddy, Beep Beep, Shakthimaan etc. I dont watch Power Rangers anymore as Don says it's useless stuff.

Now go read my K'log... :wave:

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