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  02:26:57 am, by Orion in: Learning Curve ...  

Learning some more....

Long time I havent Klogged :'(

I'm learning creating layers in Photoshop so thought I'll put one design I made today.

It is a King... Each colour shape is ain different layer

Once holidays start, I'll write more

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  08:52:07 pm, by Orion in: Learning Curve, Daily Mazhalai ...  

Just doing my Homework online

Today dad said that I should type the Nos and the Alphabets online here today.
He had gone to his college, MCC yesterday and today to take photos for the college website, which he's working on. He just came back with Kanaks uncle who photographd and Deepa auntie, who is studying there now.

okay, Now I'm going to type the alphabets


Very sleepy. Going to bed. Bye :wave:


  08:51:31 am, by Orion in: Learning Curve ...  

Outside Connexions - My 1st PhotoShop pic ;-)

I havent Klogged for sometime now b'cos dad was very busy with some work. His computer friend uncles have been coming home for the past month and they are doing something very busy.

Anycase my holidays start from tomorrow :>> and I'll be doing this regularly.

Though I havent been able to post, Don has been teaching me Photoshop in his free time. Its not easy like Paint, but I love to draw shapes and colour them. There are also more colours than Paint. So I painted what I saw outside Connexions the other evening.

Its getting late for school, my last day at school this year :>>. Catch you later :wave:



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