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Learning some more....


  02:26:57 am, by Orion in: Learning Curve ...  

Learning some more....

Long time I havent Klogged :'(

I'm learning creating layers in Photoshop so thought I'll put one design I made today.

It is a King... Each colour shape is ain different layer

Once holidays start, I'll write more


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Comment from: Priya [Visitor]  

Hi Ashoo, If am 23 years old and I have no clue how to use Photoshop. You know so much :) Thats wonderful! Will u make something for me and send it across??

And why have you stopped klogging?? I want to you to write more !! Write a klog soon . And make me a design on photoshop :)

Take care Ashoo!
Lots of Love,

31-Jul-08 @ 14:35

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