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Yippee ! a Long Holiday


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Yippee ! a Long Holiday

4 days of leave starting today. Yippee :>> :DD :lalala: When I told people at home, no one believed me and dad called up the auto driver to confirm. :crazy:

I will be going to Dad's college this weekend where he will be staying for 3 days to finish the college website. There are lots of deer and peacock and Ebi Uncle and auntie are very nice people whom I visited last time I went there.

While Don was checking some old CDs he found some pics of mom taken just after they got married. They took a bike ride to Pondicherry. I liked this one. Mamma looks like a 12th std student in this :p . Dad has posted one more in his blog. That's also a lovely picture.

I got 100 marks in my Maths class test today &#59;D and also got 5 stars for my numbers dictation. Anandhi Miss was a bit upset when I came to school in colour dress (Maltova spilt on my uniform this morning, so had to change), but I think my marks made her happy and she gave me the 5 star :>> . I also got a lot of kisses at home &#59;)

Since no school tomorrow I was allowed to watch PoGo a bit late and I watched Mr. Bean's tamash till 11pm. I was also happy to see Nandini auntie on TV today and I sent her a wish through sms from dad's cell.

I'm sleepy now and so bye bye :wave:


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Comment from: baby moothaparambil [Visitor]  
baby moothaparambil


nice postings.

you will go places.

may god bless you.

with best wishes

23-Mar-07 @ 18:48

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