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  03:51:33 pm by DontheCat, Categories: Job Postings

I am looking out for Struts Profile(Java) with about a minimum of one Year Experience.



  07:24:59 pm by DontheCat, Categories: Job Postings
I enjoy communicating my ideas and idealistic visions and approach the world with my sensitivity and intuition. My mind tends to generalize rather than analyze, and I prefer an overall approach to a situation, which encompasses all the details.

I am fairly idealistic, and enjoy communicating and transmitting my ideas and personal insights. Likewise, I'm a good organizer and coordinator, and would be an asset to any team. My ambition is strong and my will to achieve success is fairly constant and continual.

I'm always on the lookout for opportunities; I enjoy novelty, and devote myself entirely when I take action. Courage, audacity, and a taste for risk are probably my essential personal resources and qualities from the standpoint of career possibilities.

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