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I had plans for Harshu’s first Tonsure in the month of January or Thai ,the first tamizh month and on 19th January noticed that Harshu’s Nakshathram – Poosam falls tomorrow .Immediately booked the local auto rickshaw guy to take us to the temple by 6.00 A.M tomorrow as it was Thai Poosam a very auspicious day; I expected the temple to be really crowded On 20th January Amutha got up by 4.30 and got ready then me and ashu woke up by 5.00 and harshu woke up with a smiling face at 5.30 around whom the entire event evolves . We left the house by 6.05 reached the temple by 6.30 got the tickets for Special Darshan - Rs.20/- per head then a special ticket of Rs.10/-for tonsure and Rs.10/- for archanai; Harshu was quiet and very cooperative while his head was shaved . There is a charge for everything inside the temple.Since it was Harshu’s first tonsure the barber demanded 50 bucks and I had to pay ;harshu had to be given a bath ;I expected the temple to provide a bathroom and a powder room ,though there was a bathroom which also had a water heater the water from the tap was quiet chill I had to bathe him in cold water , harshu was very happy immediately started to play with the mug and the water ,the helper in the bathroom demanded 10 bucks which I straight away refused,there were no changing rooms and I had to dry harshu in a corner and wear him new clothes he was all fresh and clean ; its a custom to apply sandalwood paste after tonsure as it has antiseptic and cooling properties ,there was an old lady who was doing this service for which she demanded 10 bucks considering her age I paid her that amount. Then we got the archanai basket and went inside the temple finished the entire process by 7.30 A.M by which time the crowd started pouring in and we were out searching for our auto guy, found him atlast .We were home by 8.Ashu was very happy he had to bunk school and I took off for the day. The entire day Harshu kept scratching his tonsured head probably he was missing his curly locks.Harshu received his first gift from me as I received the first receipt from my insurer for investing in LIC’s child career plan for Harshu which I had made a couple of weeks back ,what a coincidence? Wish and pray that Harshu gets only the best of the besttest in life.


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