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Know your Dharma


  10:40:31 am by Rohz, Categories: Twin Thoughts

I was surfing through the net and found this article indeed a very interesting one on Dharma. A must read article for all.

Time and again it has been proved that our ancestors were well-read and more civilized.

Read this article it will certainly help you understand our Dharma : http://www.blissinmotion.blogspot.com/


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Well written

To add to this, India never had a defined
religion it was more of traditions.
But of course it is widely known that
all that existed was “Sanatana Dharma”
which is more to explain the way of life
in India.
So how did Hinduism get its name?
Maha Periyava of Kanchi
(Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi) once
said, only if there are 2 Ramu’s in a town you need to distinguish them as tall Ramu and fat
Ramu or such and such.
When there is only one Ramu, everybody in
the town knows him.
Likewise, when all that existed was only
Sanatana Dharma, which described the shastras and set guidelines for man to lead life, there
was no necessity to name it.
When India’s travelled far and wide in
order to trade, they went to Persia and
Persians wanted to identify them by a name
since Indian’s crossed the Sindu river to
reach Persia. The Persians started
calling the early Indian traders as people
from the Sindu valley.
The reason it became hindu was because
the Persians could not pronounce
“Si” and it gradually became Hindu.

18-Feb-09 @ 08:45
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